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Nurses Week Gifts & Flowers

Roll out the red carpet for Nurses Week May 6 through May 12 for their selfless and continuous work through the pandemic. Truly thanking nurses for all they’ve done is not an easy task, but it is easy to send a gift with FTD guaranteed to make them feel special.

Nurses have always cared tirelessly and compassionately for their patients, but this past year has proven just how dedicated these healthcare professionals truly are. Thousands worked consistently over time, dropped their lives to work for overcrowded hospitals in overwhelmed cities, were forced to isolate from their loved ones doing all of this even though the pandemic's end was indefinite and continually forecasted far in the future. Saying "thank you" for this level of sacrifice seems impossible, but you can celebrate Nurses Week by recognizing their hard work with beautiful flowers sent online, brightening up their busy days saving lives.