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White Lilies

White Lilies Delivered Same Day

The beauty of the FTD network is in reducing the distance your white lily bouquet has to travel to get to its recipient. Find the perfect arrangement of white lilies online with FTD, to have your next gift of white lilies delivered by a local FTD florist.

What Should I Know Before Sending White Lilies Online?

For years we've been saying, "Say it with flowers," but to make the right floral arrangement choice, you might need a little guidance and insight into the history, significance, and care of the flowers you are looking at. So here's a quick run-down of what you should know about sending a white lilies arrangement.

White Lilies FAQ

When are white lilies an appropriate gift?

Because of their significance and pristine white trumpets, white lily arrangements are appropriate for all of life’s sacred events, births, deaths, baptisms, confirmations, and weddings. Seasonally, white lilies are often associated with the renewal and rebirth that Spring brings with it. In the Christian faith, these Spring white lilies are even referred to as Easter lilies.

What do white lilies signify?

Throughout history, lilies have represented divinity and abundance. White lilies are very much a feminine representation of beauty, purity, and blessings. The precise significance of white lilies arrangements can vary depending on a recipient's cultural background and faith.

Are there different types of white lilies?

In short, yes. Some of the most common white lilies are the Calla Lily, the Asiatic Lily, the Madonna Lily, and the Easter Lily.    Referred to as the Madonna Lily by the Roman Catholic Church, white lily bouquets are seen as a symbol of the Virgin Mary’s purity and her role as Queen of the Angels in the Catholic faith. The flower’s pristine whiteness representing purity, innocence, and a connection to the divine. More broadly across the Christian faith, the white lily is seen as a promise of rebirth.    Seasonally, white lilies are often associated with the renewal and rebirth that Spring brings with it and more specifically the celebration of Easter in the Christian faith. Spring white lilies known as Easter lilies can be paired in a mixed arrangement with blue flowers for Seder dinners during Passover