Masculine Flowers: Best Types for Every Occasion


Everyone loves receiving flowers, and men are no exception.  Although it may seem that flowers are traditionally sent to women, why not mix up the tradition and treat the men in your life with a floral bouquet! Whether you want to send him flowers to express appreciation, love, congratulations, or even just because, there are many floral options to choose from that he’ll love and will be sure to brighten his day.

However, there’s no rule on masculinity and people should enjoy whichever flowers they like — we’ve just rounded up the most popular!  Here are the best types of masculine flowers for any occasion, specialty boutonnieres and more — plus we included fitting gift ideas to pair with the various masculine florals. 

Tips on Giving Flowers for Men

Knowing the perfect flower to get him can be tricky. To make things easier, here are some tips to steer you in the right direction while you look for the perfect masculine flowers. 

  • Go bold: When picking out masculine flowers, be sure to choose bold and rich colors such as maroon or deep red, purple, or even orange and yellow and avoid more pastel colors such as pink. You can even get away with more neutral colors such as white. 

  • Choose striking shapes: The best flowers for men tend to be those with strong structural petal shapes, so choose robust and bold varieties.

  • Pick a unique vase: Pick a vase made of wood or metal instead of the traditional crystal look — this may go with his decor better. You can even get creative and make your own flower vase out of his favorite beer stein!

  • Think about the scent: Some flowers feature a more strong and spicy scent such as carnations that have a clove-like smell. This can be helpful when picking out masculine flowers — you can even play off the scents from his favorite cologne. 

Masculine Flowers + Gifts Ideas

Flowers are becoming an increasingly popular gift for men — they are a great romantic gesture but can also just add a touch of greenery to his bedside table or office space. They’re even great as a boutonniere accessory on his wedding day. Check out these top masculine flowers that can spark inspiration the next time you want to show him you care. 

1. White Orchids


If you’re looking for a flower that embodies a more sophisticated and gender-neutral look, pick out a white orchid. White orchids make great masculine flowers not only because of their clean and crisp color, but also because they add a calming energy to the room. If he’s stressed out at work or just needs to relax, white orchids can be a great gift that he can add to his office space or bedroom. When it comes to orchid care, they are easy to maintain even if he’s not the biggest green thumb. 

2. Red Chrysanthemums 


Red chrysanthemums have a striking and rich red color, making them the perfect masculine flower. These flowers also embody a strong appearance with their bold petal shapes. Additionally, chrysanthemums symbolize friendship and well-being, so giving him these flowers are perfect for an occasion where you want to express gratitude for having him in your life. Chrysanthemums are also November’s birth flower — ideal if his special day lands in that month! 

3. Birds of Paradise


Get his attention with the showy birds of paradise flower! These tropical flowers are known for the beautiful, orange, crane-like blooms they produce and will definitely be a showstopper gift. They represent faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness — making birds of paradise an ideal romantic masculine flower. This unique plant is low maintenance which is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. 

4. Red Roses


Who doesn’t love roses? Roses don’t only have to be for her. Show the man in your life just how much you love him with a beautiful bouquet of red roses. Red roses are timeless and the ultimate symbol of romance, so this masculine flower is perfect if he’s the classic and traditional type. Plus, they make a great pairing with a romantic date night. 

5. Gerberas 


Gerberas are a great choice if he needs some cheering up! Gerberas flowers never fail to bring a smile to someone’s face due to their bright and happy petals. Gerberas come in dark yellow, orange, pink, scarlet, deep red and more, so choosing some in his favorite color will be easy — plus they’re April’s birth month flower

6. Peace Lilies


Peace lilies are undoubtedly a favorite houseplant. Not only do they look great in your home, but they’re fairly easy to care for and require minimal water. If your guy needs a little greenery to spruce up his home, the peace lily will serve as the ultimate addition to his space. 

7. Black Dahlias


Black dahlias are dark and moody flowers that can become a striking addition to a bouquet or a boutonniere. Because of their deep hue, they’re the perfect masculine flowers as they portray a luxurious look. If you choose to add black dahlias to a bouquet, pair with anise and even some herbs, like rosemary and thyme. 

8. Scabiosa Pods


Scabiosa pods, also known as pincushions, are earthy, eye-catching and rustic flowers that are great bouquet fillers and can add texture to any masculine floral arrangement! These pods feature a spiky ball center and strong wiry stems — a unique spin on your traditional flower. They also look good on their own or in wedding centerpieces for a table or boutonnieres.  

9. White Hydrangeas


You can’t go wrong with white hydrangeas — the neutral color and androgynous design is a classic that looks great in any bouquet. Gifting someone hydrangeas means you’re expressing your heartfelt emotion and gratitude, so these are the perfect gifts for him if you’re saying thanks or want to show that you appreciate him. 

10. Craspedia


If you’re looking for a masculine flower to add something like a boutonniere at a wedding, look no further than Craspedia flowers, also known as Billy Buttons. These round, yellow flowers add a vibrant and striking appeal making them perfect flowers for men. Give him a flower that shines just as bright as he does!

11. Succulents


Instead of flowers, mix it up with some succulent plants! Succulents are great if you want to stray from the floral route and want to add some greenery to your gift. As low-maintenance plants, succulents fare well in dry conditions and indoors and also have air-purifying properties. Succulents such as aloe vera also come in handy for several medicinal uses, such as cuts, sunburns and shaving nicks.

12. White Anemones 


For a gift that is eccentric and stands out from the rest, go with a white anemone flower. Its deep indigo center portrays a romantic quality and exudes a more masculine look. To tie the gift together, paired your white anemones with earth-toned florals, such as pampas grass or amaranth. The white anemone is a great choice if you’re looking for a neutral flower for men and will add a dapper touch to your gift.  

Flowers for Men + Gifts for Every Occasion 


Looking to give him flowers for a specific event? Celebrate the man in your life with a gift that will be sure to put a smile on his face. From birthdays  to Father’s Day, we have the perfect masculine flower and gifts for him ideas for every occasion.

Masculine Flowers for Promotions + Congratulations 

If he recently got promoted or is celebrating an achievement, surprise him with some flowers. Below are the perfect flower varieties and gift pairings to wish him congratulations.  

  • Orchids: Orchids symbolize pride and maturity, making them a great flower for him. They serve as a more unique option since they’re such a unique flower. For the ultimate gift, pair orchids with a meat and cheese charcuterie gift basket.

  • Tulips: Spread the cheer with tulips. Tulips radiate happiness, especially if you choose ones with a yellow hue. Since tulips are a spring flower, be sure to pair them with a spring fruit and snack basket.  

  • Iris: Irises are a symbol of courage, faith, hope and admiration — a great masculine flower to cheer on or congratulate him on a big accomplishment. Pair your irises with his favorite beer, spirit or non-alcoholic drink so you can cheers to the occasion!

Masculine Anniversary Flowers  

An anniversary is a very important date to celebrate whether it’s your significant other or even a close friend. Choose flowers with a romantic meaning to express the love you have for him. 

  • Red roses: Red roses are the ultimate symbol of love and a classic staple that everyone loves. Since these flowers are more luxurious, pair your bouquet of roses with a fancy and gourmet gift basket or his favorite bottle of red wine. 

  • Lady’s mantle: Don’t let the name fool you — lady’s mantle flowers are a great masculine flower due to their subtle green color and make great additions to floral bouquets. They’re also given to show comforting love, making them a great anniversary flower. Pair these with chocolate-covered strawberries that you can enjoy together!

  • Dahlia: Dahlias demonstrate the lasting bond and commitment between a couple. For a more masculine look, choose a dahlia in a deep red color and pair it with some yummy cookie treats.

Father’s Day Flowers

Moms aren’t the only ones that should receive flowers on their day! Celebrate Father’s Day this year and treat him to some masculine flowers along with your gift. 

  • Lucky bamboo: Although technically not a flower, lucky bamboo makes a great gift to give to your dad on Father’s Day and makes a fresh addition to his desk or nightstand. Combine the bamboo with an activity gift, like a camping or road trip to his favorite place. 

  • Sunflowers: Brighten his Father’s Day with some cheery sunflowers! Sunflowers are a great masculine flower because of their bold, yellow color and universal appeal. For a fun Father’s Day activity, surprise him with tickets to a sports game. 

  • Succulents: Surprise him on Father’s Day with a fun succulent. These air-purifying plants are a unique spin on your traditional florals and make a great plant for an office. Pair your succulents with a Starbucks gift basket to give him extra energy on his busy days. 

Birthday Flowers for Men

Wish him the happiest of birthdays with some masculine flowers. Here are some of our favorite types of flowers and gift ideas to help ring in his birthday celebrations. 

  • Peace lily: Peace lilies are not only easy to care for, but they’re the perfect houseplant. If he needs a little more greenery in his space, this will make a great birthday gift. Pair it with a birthday cookie cake to sweeten the surprise.

  • Birds of paradise: For his birthday, give him flowers that are just as unique as he is. Birds of paradise are exotic and will stand out from his other gifts. In addition to these flowers, include a gift card to his favorite store or restaurant. 

  • Gerberas: Brighten his day with a bouquet of gerberas. This daisy variety represents cheerfulness and innocence so they’re a great all-rounder flower that can be given to someone of any age. Be sure to pair with it birthday cupcakes

Ladies aren’t the only ones that can enjoy a nice floral bouquet. With these masculine flower ideas and gifts, showing him how much you appreciate him will be easy. Be sure to choose same-day delivery to make sure your gift arrives on time.