Thoughtful Gifts for New Moms: 37 Ideas for Motherhood


Celebrate that special woman in your life for bringing a new adorable addition to the family! Being a new parent is a rewarding and exciting time, but can also present some challenges along the way. Make her long days and nights so much easier with a unique gift just for her. 

Since the holidays are right around the corner, this gesture will make ringing in the holiday season more festive. Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers or a new baby gift basket, here are some of our favorite gifts for new moms so you can ensure she feels pampered and celebrated.

No-Fail Gifts for Every Mom


From new baby clothes to sentimental artwork, give her a gift to celebrate the birth of her child! Here are some no-fail gifts for new moms that will be sure to please and make her feel special.

  1. Welcome baby gift: Share the happiness of the newest member of the family and give a welcome baby gift! A basket like this is complete with everything you need for those first moments, baby shampoo, clothes and more. 

  2. New rocking chair: There’s a reason why rocking chairs have been the go-to for mother forever. If she doesn’t have one, get her a comfy piece of furniture so that she can spend precious time with her newborn at home.

  3. Newborn artwork: Nothing is more darling than a newborn’s footprints. Give a personalized piece of footprint art — a perfectly unique gift for new moms.

  4. New baby flowers: Celebrate the little bundle of joy with new baby flowers ! You can even have them delivered to the hospital for a touching surprise.

  5. A plush robe: A mom with a newborn baby is most likely going to be exhausted and may not always feel like getting dressed. Give her some pampering with a plush new robe so she can feel comfortable and cozy while relaxing with her little one.

  6. Fuzzy socks: Who doesn’t like a solid pair of fuzzy socks? This gift for new moms is essential and one that anyone will love and appreciate.

  7. Family photoshoot: Setting up a family photoshoot with a photographer is a priceless gift that can be timelessly cherished. The newborn stage will pass with a blink of an eye, so having nice pictures will take you back to those first moments with your little one.

Gifts for a Foodie Mom


What’s better than a gift full of delicious treats? If she’s a foodie, treat her to something tasty, like a food subscription service or a date night at her favorite restaurant! These gift ideas for new moms won’t disappoint. 

  1. Breakfast in bed: Nothing makes anyone feel more special than breakfast in bed! Surprise her with a breakfast board featuring the classics in the comfort of her own room — think french toast, eggs and bacon. This treat serves as the perfect gift for new moms!

  2. Make a homemade meal: New moms are tired, so take dinner time into your own hands and make her favorite meal from scratch.

  3. Wine subscription box: Wine can be a great way to unwind and relax from a long day of being a new mom. If she loves a yummy glass of red, set her up with a wine subscription box! This is always perfect for those foodies who love to sip and snack.

  4. A dining experience: Give the gift of a date night out! Get a gift card to her favorite restaurant and make it a special occasion to look forward to where you both can celebrate your accomplishment. Don’t forget to book a babysitter! 

  5. Air fryer: Air fryers are the latest and greatest trend when it comes to cooking — so why not splurge on this fun tool? This can be a fun way of learning how to cook something together — not to mention air fryers are quick, making it perfect for busy new moms.

  6. Food subscription service: Sometimes, coming up with a meal to cook and buying all the ingredients can be a pain. Instead, treat her to a food subscription service! That way, you both can enjoy a delicious and easy meal while devoting more time to your little one. 

  7. At-home chef: Maybe she wants a first-class dining experience, but leaving the house isn’t in the cards. Hiring an at-home chef is a unique gift for new moms and is something the whole family can enjoy while a professional handles the task for the night.

  8. Cooking lessons: If she loves to cook, set up some cooking lessons! This fun activity will serve as the perfect break from being a new mom and let her spend time doing something she enjoys. If she prefers being in the comfort of her own home, consider signing up for virtual lessons!  

  9. Food gift basket: Nothing is a better gift for a foodie than a yummy gift basket full of treats — you can’t go wrong with a classic charcuterie basket! A basket full of goodies like meat and cheeses will also pair perfectly with her wine subscription box. If she also has a sweet tooth, a chocolate gift basket also makes a great pairing with these meat and cheeses.

  10. Personalized cutting board: For a more sentimental gift, consider giving a new mom a personalized cutting board with all the family members’ initials. This cutting board will also double as a sweet piece of decor that everyone will be able to enjoy in the kitchen.

Glam Gifts for Her


Sparkly, glittery, and pampering are words that describe these special gift ideas perfect for a glam mom! Surprise her with something special to show her how bright she shines. 

  1. Clothing subscription box: Time for her to ditch those maternity clothes! New moms don’t exactly feel like normal after giving birth to their little one, so treat her favorite clothing subscription service so she can look and feel glamorous.

  2. New tote bag: Nothing says glam mom like a fancy new tote bag! Being a new mom doesn’t mean you have to give up being stylish. A new tote bag can keep her feeling glam while also doubling as a diaper bag for all those baby essentials. 

  3. Candles: Make her feel pampered and relax with a set of fancy candles with a luxury scent. You can also give her a celebratory candle to mark the special day of being a new mom!

  4. Bouquet of roses: What says glamorous more than a bouquet of roses? You can never go wrong with a bouquet of long-stem red roses. This timeless bouquet is very romantic and will make her feel loved and appreciated for being a new mom. Pair the flowers with chocolate-covered strawberries for the perfect touch. 

  5. Weighted blanket: Being a new mom is tiring. Help her get the best sleep of her life and get her a weighted blanket. These are great for improving mood and promoting deep sleep — a gift she’ll be sure to appreciate.

  6. Spa day: Book her a day at the spa, or keep it easy and create a spa day at home! Have her decompress with a warm bath, spa music and a foot massage. Don’t forget to top it off with a lavender spa gift basket!

  7. Beauty subscription box:  A subscription box is a gift that keeps on giving! These boxes are often filled with all the best beauty products and accessories that she’ll love and look forward to every month.

  8. Luxury bed sheets: Every mom needs her beauty sleep! Surprise her with an elegant set of the luxurious bed sheets so she can get the quality rest she deserves. 

  9. Jewelry: Surprise her with something sparkly! With a glamorous set of jewelry, she’ll feel rewarded for all her hard work as a new mom. Make it unique and get it engraved with her and her little one’s initials.  

Gifts for an Active Mom


Is this new mom always on the go? Whether she prefers to spend her time taking a yoga class with her best group of girlfriends or hiking in the great outdoors, here are some ideas for the perfect new mom gift she needs.

  1. Espresso machine: Being an active mom means staying energized! An espresso machine is a great gift for new moms to help revive them from late nights with the baby. For a bigger gift, pair with a coffee gift basket!

  2. Coffee tumbler: Having a coffee machine means she needs a cool cup to go with it. Get her a coffee tumbler so she can sip her caffeine on the go! For a unique twist, get it personalized with an inspirational quote to help her get through the day.

  3. Fitness tracker: Active new moms on the go will appreciate a fitness tracker! This gift will bring out her inner fitness guru and keep her stylish at the same time.

  4. Insulated water bottle: Being a new mom means adopting an even busier lifestyle. Keep her hydrated with an insulated water bottle that she can take with her everywhere. 

  5. Camera: For moms who love the arts, get her a new camera! That way she’ll be able to capture all the new memories you all will create as a family on adventures to come.

  6. Yoga pants: Treat her with a fashionable pair of yoga pants so she can hit the town and stay comfortable at the same time. Pair these with a brand new yoga mat if she’s into getting her zen on.  

  7. Juicer: An active new mom needs her nutrition! A brand new juicer will help take your nutrition to the next level and fuel her new lifestyle.

  8. Multi-functional backpack: An active mom is always traveling from one place to the next, so get her a multi-functional backpack! This will ensure she has everything she needs while running errands or doing any other adventurous activities.

  9. Stroller: Get her a fancy new stroller so she can take her little one everywhere in style.

  10. A new car: This is a great new gift for moms if you’re looking to splurge! Get her a new car so she can ride in style, plus you may need the extra room anyway. 

  11. Trip: Take a family road trip! Surprise her with a romantic drive to a new destination. Consider even splurging and taking her glamping for a unique experience.  

Celebrating the moment of welcoming a newborn into the world is an exciting time — so reward that special lady in your life with these gifts for new moms. From surprising her with congratulations flowers to a relaxing spa day, you’ll be sure to make her feel loved and rewarded.