Gift Ideas for Every Stage of Motherhood this Mother's Day

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Motherhood is a life-long commitment. From the moment a mom gives birth, she’s responsible — at least in some capacity — for another human. That’s a big feat to celebrate! From new moms to empty nesters, we’ve prepared a range of Mother’s Day gift ideas for all the beautiful stages of motherhood.

Mom with a Newborn

As a new mom, Mother’s Day is an exciting, first-time experience. But with a crying baby in tow, she’s tired. What she really wants — and she may be the first to tell you — is food and sleep.

Prepare Food:  Not having to prepare food for a week is equivalent to mommy heaven. Make up soup in freezable containers. We recommend protein-packed ones, like black bean or quinoa minestrone. Mom can defrost these throughout the week, and check that extra thing off her to-do list. If cooking isn’t really your cup of tea, consider a subscription for meal delivery that takes some of the pressure off the family grocery-list maker, or better yet send her some coffee baskets from FTD to get her going!

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Let Her Sleep: Offer to babysit for a few hours one afternoon. Mom can take a much-needed nap and you can bond with the tiny one.

Mother with Toddlers

Toddlers are a fun age. Their personalities are developing in full force but they’re still little enough to be dependent on mom for everything from cutting up their food to tying their shoes. They’re full of chatter and always ready to play. But when life becomes a whirlwind (as is typical with toddlers), she’ll appreciate a day off once in a while.

Treat Her to a Day Spa: Create an at-home spa day for mom. Include a gift basket full of essentials. Stack up fresh, fluffy towels, light a candle on the tub’s edge and hang a personalized “Do Not Disturb” door hanger on the knob in lieu of a traditional greeting card. Then leave her alone.

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Mom of Teenagers

Life with teenagers is a constant balance. Though the age is fun, keeping tabs on growing teens can drive a mom crazy! Treat her to a girls’ afternoon — with or without teenager daughters.

With: Go to a tea house for cucumber sandwiches and piping hot oolong and Darjeeling. Or put on your own tea party at home. Try some new blends and get out those dainty teacups in the China cabinet.

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Without: Invite mom’s closest friends over for a Sunday brunch. Set the table with pretty dishes and linens and make up a special cocktail for them to enjoy. Don’t forget the centerpiece. We suggest Mother’s Day flowers from colorful tulips or purple flowers.

Mom with the Empty Nest

She still has the energy to keep up with the kids, but they’ve flown the coup. They’re off to college or have families of their own already. Though kids are no longer dependent on mom to be the carpool caravan or the soccer snack supplier, remind her you still need her with jewelry or a bouquet of flowers.

Gift Jewelry: You can’t go wrong with the classic look of sterling silver.

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Display Sunflowers: “You are my sunshine!” Tell her with a bouquet of bright yellow sunflowers. They’ll look so cheerful on the kitchen counter. And they go perfectly with a “just called to say I love you” phone call.

Give Grandma a Traditional Arrangement: Who better to recognize on Mother’s Day than your parents’ mothers? But what do you buy the women who have everything? Try an arrangement for her entryway, like this beautiful, spring-inspired arrangement. This way, every time she walks in the front door, she’ll be reminded of you and how much she’s appreciated.

Mom to the Fur Babies

Even if there are no human kids in the picture, fur babies are just as much our children. Treat the pet mom to a hands-free running leash for pup. Or a new couch pillow to snuggle with kitty. Be creative. Think of something both pet and mom can enjoy together.

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