Haworthia Succulent Kokedama


Haworthia Succulent Kokedama

Kokedama is a centuries–old Japanese form of garden art that is closely tied to the practice of bonsai. Translated, “Koke” means moss, and “dama” means ball. In other words the Haworthia Succulent's roots are wrapped in soil and covered in a layer of moss to create this unique and sustainable home for your plant to grow.


  • This plant is approximately 4–5“ tall with the platform.
  • Comes in a Kokedama moss ball, seated on a wooden platform. There is no plastic grow pot.
  • Care Tips: Treat this like any other Succulent. Succulents thrive bright indirect sunlight. Be sure to rotate your plant for even growth. Only water directly to the soil when it has dried out completely, as succulents can tolerate very dry conditions.
  • This item is not available for delivery to Hawaii or Alaska.
  • This plant is pet friendly


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