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Floor Plants

Tall and skinny, short and wide, floor plants vary in shape and size, offering a spectrum of luscious, green species to fit your space availability and aesthetics. No need to load up the min-van! Allow us to do the heavy lifting and conveniently order a vibrant floor plant online to christen your kiddo’s first apartment or warm up your best friend’s office.

Floor Pants are the Gentle Green Giants

Green not only in color but in functionality, floor plants work to clean up their environment, removing toxins and purifying the air of its surroundings. Integrating floor plants into your home or office is also a healthy way to elevate mood and increase focus and productivity. Inspire your favorite artist and help kick their creativity into high gear by having a floor plant delivered to their studio!

The More, the Merrier with Floor Plants  

The concept of less is more does not apply here. Mix together different foliage types and floor plant sizes to create a dynamic window frame or cozy reading corner with a comfy chair or floor cushions. Bonus! The diverse shades of green and variegated leaves blend together into a gorgeous array of color that will brighten any space. And to give your display some flair, tie in plant risers for extra height and style.

Selecting your Floor Plant

The critical first steps in shopping floor plants for sale online is determining where you would like to place it and generating a clear vision of the look you would like to achieve. Although smaller, shorter floor plants are easier to move and give you flexibility on location, don’t be intimidated by large floor plants. Eye-catching and inviting, large floor plants work in a variety of interiors helping to incorporate height into your design. Yet still, it’s necessary to take an honest assessment of your available space so that your floor plant has the room it needs to breath and grow. Maintaining a 6” buffer around your floor plant will allow for good air circulation and let it thrive. Lighting, temperature and humidity of your home should also be considered as all will play an active role in the health and longevity of your floor plant.