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Yom Kippur Flowers, Plants & Gifts

For the Jewish Faith, Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the year. To wish someone well on this special day, share a gift with the host or hostess to show how much you care. Some popular gifts to send on this day include gift baskets, fresh flowers, and more.

Yom Kippur Gifts for the Host

The holiest day of the Jewish Year, Yom Kippur, is recognized as a somber day and a Day of Atonement for followers. Though tradition states that the way those of the Jewish faith celebrate is through fasting and prayer, many like to send Yom Kippur gifts and presents to their loved ones. Yom Kippur always occurs ten days after Rosh Hashana during Autumn, typically in September or October. If you are unsure what to send to your loved ones on this holiday, we offer different flowers and gifts that are appropriate to send. Some of the most popular items to send on the holiday include food, wine, harvest related items, Kosher Yom Kippur gift baskets, and other gifts tied to religion.

Flowers for Yom Kippur

When thinking of what gifts to send your loved ones on a holiday or special occasion, flowers usually come to mind. They can share a message that words cannot express and offer a beautiful gesture to your loved ones. Yom Kippur flowers are a great way to wish them well following their Day of Atonement. Just be sure to send them before sunset on the eve of Yom Kippur or after sunset on the night of Yom Kippur; otherwise, they cannot be placed in water due to tradition.

Send a Yom Kippur Gift basket

For many Jewish holidays, food plays an integral role in the celebration. Our certified Kosher gift baskets recognize different dietary restrictions while still offering a sweet and fruitful gesture to your friends and family. Many Yom Kippur gift baskets are also paired with honey, as this symbolizes sweetness in the year to come. Once the holiday's fast is over, a plate of sweet treats is always a thoughtful gesture to deliver to the host. Other gifts that can be paired with certified Kosher offerings include Challah covers, candlestick holders, Kosher wine, and more.