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Share Your Sympathy with Potted Plants

Let the spirit of the dearly departed live on with potted sympathy plants that will continue to grow and thrive after the service is over. The Comfort Planter is designed to lift spirits with white peace lilies ensconced in their lush, glossy leaves. Lilies are the most commonly used funeral and remembrance flower, as they symbolize rebirth and purity. FTD offers a variety of sympathy lily plants that would make a thoughtful remembrance token of the dearly departed, as well as other sympathy plants that include either blooming flowers or simple greenery. Choose from an abundance of sympathy plants to ease the sorrow of the bereaved such as succulent garden baskets, elegant orchids, air purifying snake plants, gardenia plants, bonsai trees, and more. Your sympathy plant is a thoughtful expression of your condolences, which the bereaved will surely appreciate and cherish.

Sympathy Plants Delivery

Sympathy plants and flower arrangements are a traditional offering to remember the dearly departed with a visual representation of the love felt for them by the community. When there aren’t the words to express your grief, sending a beautiful sympathy flower arrangement will say it for you. FTD provides gorgeous commemorative funeral sprays and wreaths that can be part of the funeral home or church service, as well as tastefully elegant sympathy bouquets to send the family to share in their heartbreak. Share your comfort with creamy white roses, snapdragons, and Asiatic lilies all found in the Eternal Friendship bouquet. Remember the good times with pink and purple hued daisies, roses, and carnations configured within the Pastel Peace Basket. FTD has a multitude of ways you can express your condolences with lovely sympathy plants and flower arrangements to comfort the bereaved.

Deliver Comfort With Sympathy Plants

FTD offers a multitude of sympathy plants, flowers, and gifts so you can express your heartfelt condolences for those who have lost a loved one. Whether you want to send a commemorative sympathy plant, a funeral spray or wreath, or a flower bouquet to express your compassion, FTD has the sympathy gift for you. Our sympathy plant delivery is available to be sent to home addresses, with delivery dates and times available as early as the next day.