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Sympathy Flowers for the Home

Sympathy Flowers: Sympathy flowers are a sweet and tasteful way of showing compassion and support for someone who has lost a loved one. Even if you’re far away from those who are grieving, sending a sympathy bouquet to the bereaved lets them know that you’re thinking of them—even if you can’t visit them or attend the funeral. Our local florists craft heartfelt bereavement flowers, funeral sprays, and plant arrangements. No matter which arrangement you choose, our beautiful floral gifts will express your earnest condolences in a truly touching display.

Sympathy Flowers & Funeral Gifts FAQ

What's the difference between sympathy and funeral flowers?

Sympathy flowers are sent to the home or office of grieving persons. They're meant to be displayed around the home, so they're crafted in a small size that's uninstructive. FTD florists craft:

● Sympathy flowers

Sympathy plants

Funeral flowers are meant to be displayed at a funeral service. They're typically more elaborate than sympathy flowers, and they're larger so that they're more visible in the wide space where a funeral service is held. Funeral flowers are typically sent directly to the funeral site and not to the family. We can arrange:

Funeral flowers

Cremation flowers

Funeral plants

Funeral sprays and wreaths

FTD has a wonderful selection of same day delivery memorial flowers so you can have flowers delivered to the home or to the service with reliable promptness. Our sympathy arrangements are designed for the purpose of mourning, but they're so lovely that you can use them for other special occasions, too.

What other sympathy gifts do you offer?

A remembrance gift is a long-lasting supplement to flowers. Our remembrance gifts range from flowers to plants, and they include classy, decorative vases that can be displayed in the home for years to come.

FTD gourmet baskets may be a welcome gift to the grieving. Our charming baskets contain healthy snacks and gourmet foods, which are helpful when someone is trying to overcome the loss of a loved one. These comfort foods will nourish the bereaved.

What kind of sympathy flowers should I send?

The flowers that are most commonly used in sympathy flower arrangements are:

● Lilies

● Carnations

● Chrysanthemums

● Gladioli

● Roses

Do sympathy flowers have to be white?

White flowers are commonly given for sympathy because the color white is associated with humility, reverence, and goodness. But sympathy flowers don't have to be white. An arrangement of colorful flowers may add some pleasantness to an otherwise somber atmosphere. Consider choosing flowers with springtime colors, like pink, yellow, and lavender. Springtime is often associated with rebirth, which makes those colors highly appropriate for expressing condolence over a death.

What should I write on a sympathy card?

Writing a sympathy card can be stressful. It's tough to find the right words to express feelings of loss, and you may often dread writing something that comes off as ingenuine or unempathetic. It's important to remember that your words won't cure the grief; instead, your words should show the grieving persons that you care about them and support them. Some common notes on sympathy cards are variations of phrases like:

● "We are sorry for your loss."

● "My thoughts are with you and your family."

● "My deepest sympathies as you remember your grandfather."

If you knew the deceased person, it's always nice to include a few kind words about him or her; that's usually very comforting to the grieving friends and family members. Make sure to describe your relationship with the deceased person if you've never met the recipient of the card.