About the Collection

An inclusive, co-branded collection, designed to celebrate women everywhere and all of the roles they slay. We collaborated with amazing founders, business owners, bloggers, mamas, and influencers to bring you a collection full of fresh, one of a kind flowers designed to support and empower women.

Featured Here’s to Her Bouquets

So Sweet Bouquet by Rach DiMare

So Sweet is a bouquet that takes you back to special moments in your life or will create a new, unforgettable life experience. For Rach DiMare, receiving a beautiful bouquet takes her back to her wedding day, finishing a chemo session, or is a pick-me-up during a bad day. The bouquet’s soft colors and unique textures will remind you of a sweet memory or a new memory currently being created.

Stay Golden Bouquet by Arielle Says

Designed in collaboration with Arielle from @ariellesays, she believes that you are a beautiful, strong, powerful person. No matter your flaws, your curves, your battle scars — you are worthy. May this bouquet embody all you represent.