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Summer Gifts

When it comes to enjoying the summer properly, a few ideas of activities come to mind. Summer picnics, road trips with the family, going on vacation, spending time with friends at the beach or at the pool, plus so much more. So, how do you make an already amazing time even better? Summer gifts from FTD, of course! FTD’s summer gift baskets and summer flowers are the perfect choice when it comes to adding more vibrancy and life to an already exciting time.

Summer Gifts FAQ

What is a good summer gift?

If you are looking for summer themed gift ideas, FTD has you covered. Our variety of gift towers and new flowers are sure to make for the best summer gifts of 2021. Flowers are a good choice if you have friends who are coming back from a trip or a vacation. They will enjoy receiving a beautiful floral arrangement upon their return back home. And for your friends and family that stay local during the summer, sending a summertime gift basket provides a fresh, new take on being home.

What do you put in a summer gift basket?

With FTD's wide variety of gift baskets, you can pick and choose which basket contents fits you or your recipient best. You can go for one of our fruit baskets, which is overflowing with sweet, juicy, refreshing fruit, or maybe you want to go for one of our decadent, mouthwatering, rich Godiva chocolate gift baskets. Just be sure that when you are shopping for summer gifts for him, or for summer gifts for mom and dad, that you are picking something that you think they will enjoy and appreciate.

What is a good summer gift basket for kids?

If there is one thing we know about kids, it is that they tend to enjoy sweet treats, especially during the summer. The summer season is a great time to reward them for making it through the school year, and to amp them up for the following year as well. FTD's delicious Belgian chocolate dipped sandwich cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, donut pops, or brownie baskets are all sure to be a hit for summer gifts for those sweet kiddos in your life.

What type of flowers are popular in the summer?

Flowers are a good choice any time of the year, but when it comes to picking the best summer flowers, FTD knows which will make a fresh and bright impact on the recipient. Our sunflowers are always a big hit, along with our other mixed bouquets that are full of vibrant blooms and lush greenery.