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Business Gifts & Corporate Gift Baskets

Trying to show your manager how much you appreciate them? Letting key clients know that you have them on the mind? Or maybe you’re thanking your employees for their hard work. Whatever your corporate gift basket needs may be, FTD provides beautiful and delicious options, including flowers, plants, chocolates and snacks. Scroll through to find the ideal business gifts today.

Business Gifts FAQs

What are good corporate gifts?

The best business gifts and business gift baskets are ones that are sure to leave an impression with your clients. When you send a gift, you’re sending a message, so it’s important for that message to be meaningful and memorable.   There are few things more meaningful and memorable than flowers and delicious treats. When your client — or boss, or employees — look at their stunning bouquet of flowers, they will think of you. Plus, FTD’s gifts won’t clutter up the office, because flowers and snacks are temporary — though the memory of them is not.   Pair a Sunny Sentiments bouquet with the classic Meat & Cheese Charcuterie Crate to show your new client that you are a warm and welcoming business partner who values them not only as an asset but as a person as well. Check out our best sellers for more ideas on how to send the perfect business thank you gifts.

How much should I spend on client gifts?

The amount you want to spend depends on how valuable the client is and how much you want to impress them. However, we always recommend generosity when sending gifts!   Some options that are in a reasonable price range include congratulations flowers for clients who have recently signed a new contract, or plants that show you aim for your businesses to grow together. Whatever your price range, FTD has great options that are sure to impress.

What are the best gifts to send clients?

If you’re wondering what gifts will truly make an impression with clients, consider one of these gift baskets for clients:

●    Good Morning from Starbucks Gift Basket ●    FTD Exclusive Fine and Fancy Gift Box ●    Snack Attack Gift Box ●    Indoor Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai ●    Kosher Dried Fruit, Nuts & Sweets Snack Tray