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Best Selling Gifts

Here at FTD, we are proud to say we are the gifting experts. Here you’ll find our bestselling products which vary from Mrs. Fields Cookie Tin, dipped berries, and gifts that celebrate every milestone of life, for example our Welcome Baby Gift Basket. These are the gifts, treats, and gourmet foods that our customers have consistently voted “yes” to over the years. No matter the occasion, we offer a wide selection of gifts that can deliver the sentiment you want to convey to your someone special. Our gifts are created by a team of gifting experts that know exactly how to curate the perfect gift – smile upon delivery included. There’s a reason these are our customer favorites and it’s because with every gift we strive to deliver not only excellent service, exceptional product, but also a moment that lets the recipient know, you were thought of by someone special. 
 It’s no wonder our customers love these products the most! Our best selling gifts offer a variety of customer favorites that your loved ones are guaranteed to adore. From collections of sweet and delicious treats to towering boxes that will elevate your celebrations, FTD has a variety of curated products to delight your friends and family. We know how to wow them with our breath-taking baskets that are filled to the brim with delectable goodies, bound to bring them smiles as soon as they received their gift.  

Curated Gift Baskets Make a Statement

Each gift basket is specially curated to share messages of love, so little touches make your sentiments all the more special!