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Baked Goods Delivery

Send the mouth-watering scent of grandma’s freshly baked cookies with a baked goods delivery from FTD. From cookies to brownie bites and cake pops to baked goods gift baskets, we have the perfect treat to fill someone’s belly and heart.  
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How do you ship baked goods?

The best way to ship baked goods is to ensure they’re in a sturdy container, individually wrapped or stacked back-to-back, and properly sealed. At FTD, we carefully wrap, package, and ship all of our baked goods gifts to ensure they show up at your or your loved one’s doorstep fresh and ready to eat. Whether you’re looking to send freshly dipped strawberries or soft and chewy cookies, you can have peace of mind knowing they’re going to taste as good as if they had just come out of the oven.   At FTD, we don’t just specialize in baked goods delivery. We also have beautiful flower arrangements, such as congratulations flowers and birthday flowers, along with tasty treats and gift options such as teddy bear delivery. Whatever the occasion, you can ensure you’ll find the perfect gift with us.

How do you keep baked goods fresh when shipping?

No one wants hard or stale baked goods to arrive on their doorstep. When shipping baked goods, you’re fighting against extreme forces: temperature, humidity, spoilage, and bumpy roads. To ensure baked goods arrive fresh, scrumptious, and intact, they need to be properly packaged.   The best way is to create an airtight seal to lock in that just-baked freshness and place each baked goods in a holder to prevent external packages from crushing them during transportation. For example, place cupcakes in cupcake holders and cookies in cookie holders. To complete your packaging, place your baked goods in a strong box that will hold them in place. From there, your delicious treats will be ready for delivery!   At FTD, we follow a similar packaging process, using the best materials to hold all of our edible items in place. From chocolate covered pretzels to brownie pops and dried fruit and nut trays to Mrs. Fields classic cookies, our baked goods gifts will arrive in ready-to-eat condition.