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White Roses & White Rose Bouquets

White roses represent a higher level of purity and innocence than regular red or pink roses. These gorgeous flowers are seen only in the finest and most prestigious events. Take your wedding or dinner date to the next level by having the finest white roses bouquets and arrangements delivered today.

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White Rose Arrangements & Bouquets for Any Occasion

Historically, white roses were most often used as one of the main flowers of choice for funerals. But who says that they should only be used to honor the dead? FTD believes that this exquisite flower arrangement should also be utilized to celebrate life and living! White roses are very underused for people getting married, whether it's to use as a bouquet or arrangements. They have no idea what they are missing out on.

White Rose Bouquets Are Elegant

Back in 1840, Queen Victoria began the tradition of carrying white roses when she married Prince Albert. The white roses bouquet delivery is one of the most elegant and gracious bouquets you can hold walking down the aisle. The purity emanating from these gorgeous flowers would have you looking beyond glamorous on your wedding day. It is not regular because it has been singled out for only the most prestigious of occasions. You cannot go wrong with these amazingly beautiful white roses. To complement your white dress and the theme of your wedding, the white roses bouquet makes a perfect choice. With our beautiful white roses arrangement, you are guaranteed to leave a positive lasting impression in the minds of your guests. The white rose arrangements that FTD offers ensure that your wedding venue will look nothing short of spectacular.

What Does Sending a White Rose Mean?

White roses can symbolize new endeavors besides marriage, so they are an excellent choice for graduates or those starting a new job. In addition, they represent respect, so they are often sent as sympathy flowers or included in funeral arrangements. In ancient Greece, white roses were associated with Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. Aphrodite is depicted rising from the sea, with white roses appearing among the waves. Send a white rose flower delivery to a woman whose beauty and intelligence you genuinely admire.

White roses are also a symbol of the purity of the Virgin Mary. Due to this connection, they were plentiful in medieval gardens. Send a white roses delivery for church-related celebrations, such as First Communion. Rather than send fresh roses, consider sending preserved roses instead. They retain their beauty for up to a year–or more!

Order White Roses Online with FTD and Send a Message

Set your anniversary in the right direction by sweeping your partner off their feet with one of our white rose bouquets. These white roses make a bold statement that words alone could not achieve. Whether it is an "I'm sorry" or an "I love you," you are guaranteed to capture the heart of your significant other and create a memorable moment in their life that will last a lifetime. These white rose arrangements also make gorgeous decorations for events. Whether it's an all-white party, birthday roses, or even anniversary roses, these white rose arrangements are guaranteed to leave your event looking lush and elegant.

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Of course, FTD offers roses in every shade! Shop All Roses and find the perfect color for your rose delivery. Send romantic roses, choosing from various hues of red, pink, and more. Shop All Flowers to see FTD's huge selection of beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements. Need a last-minute gift? Order same day flower delivery!