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Peonies and Peony Bouquets

Whether you're looking for the perfect colors to accent a spring wedding or you want to add a splash of color to your table this summer, peony bouquets are perfect for any occasion. A vibrant arrangement of pink and purple peonies delivery can even help you say congratulations on graduation day. Have peonies delivered for your next spring or summer celebration!

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Peony Arrangements For Any Celebration

Whether you know them by name or not, you're sure to recognize a peony when you see it: round and full with a dense cluster of small, ruffled petals reaching outward. Traditionally a spring and early-summer flower, peony bouquets are wonderful for any occasion where their bright colors and pleasing fragrance can help lift the mood. We even offer a variety of types and colors of peonies online that you can use to accent a mixed bouquet.

Perfect Birthday, Valentine's, or Wedding Flowers

Peonies make for such versatile celebration flowers because their inviting pattern and expressive color palette can say so much depending on the situation. Lush purples and deep reds are the perfect thing to capture passion for Valentine's Day or an anniversary bouquet. Bright pinks and pastel yellows add a celebratory touch for birthdays, or even just help bring a little spring sunshine indoors in a table centerpiece or entryway vase. And the option to create arrangements for any indoor or outdoor color scheme make peony bouquets incredibly popular for wedding flowers.

Order Peonies Delivery Online and Ship Right to Your Door

FTD offers an easy online checkout and convenient flower delivery service to ensure you have the right flowers for every occasion. You can have peonies delivered right to your door to liven up your home, or schedule for them to be sent straight to a special venue for a wedding or other celebration. Browse our selection of peony bouquets to find a refreshing, stunning centerpiece or table topper for your next event.