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Peruvian Lilies

The wide array of color washes and uniquely marked petals of the Peruvian lily bouquet are as profound as the authentic nature and genuine beauty of the freckles that adorn your loved one’s face.    Peruvian lilies, also known as Alstroemeria, are a lively marked, speckled, and streaked trumpet flower. The deep thick roots and strong-branched stems of Peruvian Lilies allow the flowers to grow up to three feet tall in the wild.    The longevity of the Peruvian lily bouquet is as impressive as their streaked petals. Where other flowers drop their petals quickly after blooming, the lively and playful Peruvian lilies arrangement lasts long after its initial bloom. Perhaps this is another reason why giving a Peruvian Lilies arrangement is seen as a symbol of continued devotion.   Want to let a loved one know that you’ll be there for them, send Peruvian Lilies. Having the precious artistry and simplicity of Peruvian lilies delivered is the perfect way to express your sincerest sentiments. As a symbol of friendship and devotion, Peruvian lily bouquets signify you are capable of navigating any of life’s obstacles together. No questions asked.    Find the perfect Peruvian Lily bouquet ready for delivery from FTD. You can order Peruvian Lilies online in a wide range of colors. Peruvian lily bouquets can be found in a fantastic variety of color palettes. The rich colored petals of Peruvian Lilies are naturally spotted and streaked with deep contrasting colors. Peruvian lilies come in everything from electric tropical pinks and yellows to bold purple and maroon red. The trumpets of these gorgeous Peruvian Lilies come in one to two-inch diameter blooms.     Feeling inspired by Mother Nature’s honest and authentically beautiful Peruvian lilies, find the perfect Peruvian Lilies arrangement ready for delivery from FTD. Consider a Peruvian Lily arrangement to showcase your bold honesty and devoted enthusiasm by choosing a wedding white floral arrangement complete with vibrant Peruvian Lilies splashed with an unmistakable wash of color and playfully marked with joyful contrasting streaks like confetti.    Want to showcase your lasting devotion to a loved one and even brighter days ahead with a special delivery? Consider the white Peruvian Lily splashed with a wash of sunny yellow and speckled with coral streaks.  On its own, or take things to new heights with Peruvian lilies mixed into an all-white floral arrangement.