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Iris Flowers

Named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, a purple iris is the envy of the flower kingdom. Your home, office space, or garden will be fragrant and beautiful with one of our iris flower bouquets. Find your perfect iris arrangement or browse our best-selling flowers and send something you know they’ll love.

Iris Flowers FAQs

What does the iris flower symbolize?

Iris was the goddess of the rainbow, but she was also responsible for delivering messages to the Olympian gods. She traveled via rainbows as she went back and forth between earth and heaven. Previously recognized as a national symbol of France, the iris has also become a symbol of royalty, too. Dark blue and purple irises are regarded as the most regal color for the bloom. Yellow irises symbolize passion, and white irises symbolize purity. Send irises to cheer up anyone’s day! As rose flowers symbolize love and orchid flowers stand for beauty and elegance, irises have their own unique meanings that flower-lovers adore. Schedule your special iris flower delivery today with us.

What do iris flowers mean?

The iris often means eloquence -- a nod to the work of the Greek goddess and her messenger work. This makes it a great option if you’d like to send a lovely bouquet to communicate gratitude, love, or friendship.

In Japan, it represents purification and cleansing. Irises are often used as part of emotional and energy-clearing rituals. Images of these blooms are often found in traditional Japanese clothing, and the blossoms are often mentioned in Haiku poems and used in paintings. They are perfect for someone moving into a new home.

In China, the iris is often described as the “dancing spirit of early summer.” In addition, it’s often referred to as the butterfly flower because, when the petals move in the wind, they look like fluttering wings. This summer-themed definition could be the basis of sending them to someone you care about to signify the start of a brand-new season! You could also send a bouquet of irises to someone who’s had a new baby.

In the Victorian era, irises meant courage, hope, faith, and wisdom. Purple irises also connote wisdom, while blue irises evoke feelings of hope and faith.

How many types of iris flowers are there?

The word “iris” is the Greek word for “rainbow.” With over 200 color variations worldwide, they embody life in true color. Just as there are several beautiful colors within a tulip arrangement, irises come in a vast array of distinct colors that make them a timeless classic.

How long do iris flowers last?

At FTD, our iris floral arrangements are carefully crafted for the most flawless presentation. Planning on having an iris bouquet delivered to a loved one? You can expect these pretty flowers to last up to three weeks with proper care and treatment. As one of the few naturally occurring blues in nature, your recipient will want to make them last.

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