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Green Hydrangeas

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What are Green Hydrangeas

Green hydrangeas are a direct result of Chinese hybridizing practices that took place a long time ago. Many find it very difficult to believe that the green hydrangea’s vibrant green hue is natural. But it is! The transition to the color green begins when hydrangeas start to age and change color from the more common shades of blue, pink, and white. Many botanists also believe that the aluminum content and the acidity of the soil (which changes from season to season) are the direct culprits of colorization.

What do Green Hydrangeas Mean

Unlike many of the other colored hydrangeas, the green hydrangea itself has no specific symbolic meaning associated with it. In light of this, we think that since it is open to interpretation, you should not hesitate to find your own unique meaning.

Green Hydrangea Bouquets for Any Occasion

Green hydrangea bouquets are starting to become commonly used by brides in their weddings, so if you’re looking to make a bold statement, why not make use of green hydrangeas? The green hydra bouquet’s vivid green appearance compliments a white wedding dress perfectly.

Order Green Hydrangeas Online with FTD

FTD makes it incredibly simple to have green hydrangeas delivered, and you can receive them the same day you order them with our expedited delivery service if the order is completed by 2 PM in the recipient’s respective time zone. Order some luscious green hydrangeas today!