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Green Flowers & Bouquets

While green beautifully accents our many arrangements, green flower bouquets share messages of relaxation and good fortune. Send the perfect gift of green blooms to a loved one with FTD. Our partner florists create an array of beautiful bouquets that combine all the shades of the rainbow or focus on a specific color, including green flowers. Regardless of the occasion or message you want to send, our color collections have just the right bouquets for you.

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Green Flowers Mean Many Things

Our green flower arrangements are associated with many different meanings. This vivid color has healing power and is the most relaxing for the human eye. It also connotes renewal, growth, and hope. It symbolizes the eco-movement, as well as green living and health. When used to reference plants, green is synonymous with renewed energy and freshness. FTD also has a wide variety of green plants if your recipient likes leafy gifts instead of flowers. Here’s what green can symbolize:

Renewal: When it comes to green flowers and bouquets, many people think of spring. It is when the first pale green buds appear on trees, plants and flowers, flooding color into spaces that had been barren for months. When people see this burst of green at the beginning of the season, they are filled with hope. So, sending green bouquets and flowers is ideal for wishing someone good health as they heal from an illness or supporting someone going through an emotionally tough time. Let your loved ones know that they have the support of friends and family.

New beginnings: Green flowers are usually associated with youth and new beginnings. When you plant seeds, green shoots are the first thing you’ll see in the spring. Sending green bouquets and flowers is perfect for someone starting a new job or who just received a promotion, or just moved into a new home. Shop our best-selling flowers to find the ideal arrangement.

What Pairs Well with Green Flowers and Bouquets?

The great thing about the color green is that it’s considered neutral. Why else would Mother Nature use it so liberally in her palette -- whether you’re in a canyon in the Southwest or atop the Swiss Alps in the summertime. It goes with everything, so the sky is the limit if you’re looking for green bouquets that work with other flowers. There’s a reason that florists use it in most of their arrangements. It’s nature’s perfect complementary color.

Share Nature with a Green Bouquet

Green bouquets are a fantastic way to energize and share the feeling of nature in bloom. The different hues are a perfect gift to celebrate birthdays, congratulate a family member on their accomplishments, and remind them that you’re there for them. No matter the occasion, the neutral green color can be soft and bold to fit any style. With our green flower delivery, sharing your sentiments has never been easier. FTD takes great care in crafting a one-of-a-kind flower bouquet to delight your recipients.

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Send same day flower delivery of green bouquets with FTD, and bring a message of hope, new beginnings, and renewal. We also have everything you need, from funeral flower delivery to birthday flower delivery. Shop all flowers to find your absolute perfect bouquet!