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Colorful Flowers & Bouquets

Colorful flowers and vibrant bouquets are the simplest way to brighten anyone’s day. No matter what shade of the rainbow you choose, you can get fresh, colorful flowers delivered to your door 365 days a year with FTD.

Color Symbolism in Flowers

People in the middle ages used to send bouquets that consisted of a single color flower to express a specific emotion. In modern society certain flower colors still may evoke a certain feeling, their meanings are far less defined. With so many stunning varieties of colorful flowers available online, picking the perfect hue for your special occasion can be a lot of fun. Read on to find out what your favorite color symbolizes in the hidden language of flowers.

Cool Colored Flowers & Bouquets

White flowers like the fragrant orchid, calla lily, and daisy were said to represent purity, heaven, and life’s simple beauty. Traditionally, a bride’s bouquet would only use white roses to honor the purity of marriage. Purple was the color of royalty in ancient Rome. Today the color purple is considered elegant, feminie, and even mystical. Purple and lavender flowers are a great choice to use to decorate your home, to send in a romantic bouquet, or to use in a remembrance arrangement because of their sacred and religious ties. Blue blooms like the iris and the hydrangea still represent peace, calmness, and serenity. Blue flowers are fairly rare and blue roses don’t exist in nature. When you see blue roses online or at a florist they were actually created by hand dying white roses. The rainbow rose, created in the 2000’s, uses a similar technique to achieve its vibrant tie dye appearance.

Warm Colored Flowers Delivered by FTD

The petunia, peony and other pink flowers were said to symbolize grace, peace, or happiness. Pink and white flowers are often sent together to celebrate the birth of a baby girl. Red flowers, especially the rose, were given to romantic partners to prove love, desire, and passion. Other red flowers like the carnation embody valor or strength and are used in veteran and memorial arrangements. Yellow roses, sunflowers, and marigolds are friendship flowers. Yellow flowers also represent good luck and are a great way to send some sun to those who are ill, recovering in a hospital, or to cheer up a loved one who’s feeling a little blue (no pun intended). Orange flowers like the tiger lily and the poppy stir up similar feelings of warmth, happiness, and joy.