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Passover Flowers

Whether you’re the host or a guest of a Passover celebration, no Seder table is complete without Passover flowers. Our fresh and vibrant arrangements are sure to bring a touch of elegance and joy to the festivities, whether you choose a classic bouquet of white roses or an elaborate arrangement of mixed flowers. Shop our beautiful selection of Passover flowers—ordering with FTD is fast and easy!

What flowers are appropriate for Passover?

This springtime celebration of hope is best marked by flowers that capture that sentiment. Think iris, chrysanthemums, and Star of Bethlehem. Don’t worry, you aren’t limited to just those choices. We offer a variety of carefully curated Passover flowers that will be a welcome addition to your table or as a gift for your host.

What is the traditional flower for Passover?

Traditional Passover flowers include tulips, daisies, lilies, and carnations. However, for your Seder, you can decorate however you want. Our Passover flower bouquets include a variety of beautiful florals, both on and off this list, including roses, hydrangeas, and lavender.

What are the best Passover flower colors?

Since Passover is a springtime celebration, it is typically celebrated with blooms of lighter shades, specifically white and blue. Popular white flowers for Passover include calla lilies, roses, and gardenias. On the other hand, popular blue flowers for Passover include delphinium, hydrangea, iris, and roses. Since the celebration is all about tradition, these Passover flower colors fit right in.

Are gifts given for Passover?

Often, guests give flower arrangements for Passover as a thank-you to the host. Other popular gifts include Kosher wine, dried nuts and fruit, or cookies. Fortunately, we also sell bountiful gift baskets filled with both sweet and savory treats that will work perfectly. In addition to hostess gifts, children are sometimes given gifts during Passover for the Afikoman game. Usually, this is something small, like chocolate coins, as it is given to all the children who are participating.   Need to order Passover flowers in a hurry? We also offer same-day flower delivery so you can show up to the celebration with a nice gift in hand!