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Sympathy Gifts

It can be difficult to find the right way to express your condolences when someone you care for suffers a loss. But you can rest assured that any of FTD’s sympathy and remembrance gifts will always deliver the heartfelt gesture you want to send. Shop our selection of beautiful and thoughtful sympathy flowers and other remembrance gifts today.

Sympathy Gifts FAQs

What is a remembrance gift?

A remembrance gift is given to someone who has lost a loved one. Remembrance gifts are cherished items that the people who’ve suffered a loss can hold onto during their grief. Every single time they look at it, it can remind them of their loved one. It’s a powerful way to honor the dearly departed and comfort their loved ones. Some great options for remembrance gifts include framed pictures of the loved ones on a happy day in their lives, cherished tokens that remind their loved ones of their favorite hobbies, keepsake boxes, or a beautiful potted plant signifying healing and growth.

What can you send besides flowers for sympathy?

Need ideas for sympathy gifts? The right memorial gift will depend on your relationship with the person, the individual they’ve lost, and personal preference. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that comfort gifts come from the heart. Below are a few ideas that make great gifts for grieving:

Sympathy gift baskets: these baskets are brimming with edible treats that can be shared during the funeral reception or other group gatherings, taking some of the pressure off the host.

  • Memorial keepsakes: these can include anything from customized keychains to photo frames, jewelry charms, and more.

  • Memorial stones: these are a popular remembrance gifts for those who have recently lost a furry friend.

  • Blankets or shrugs: these make comforting presents and can even be customized with photos.

  • Stuffed animals: bears and other stuffed animals can give children something to hold on tight to and can even have a voice box inserted to remind them of their loved one.

However you choose to send your sympathies, you will surely make an impact on the recipient. The fact that you took your time to honor their loved one’s passing means everything in the world to people who are mourning. Whether you’re sending a sympathy gift for the loss of a mother or a sympathy gift to the loss of a father, the very gesture itself helps them realize that they’re not alone. And with FTD, it’s easier than ever to pick out a sweet memorial gift without any added stress. Pair our bountiful care packages and a fresh bouquet for a delivery that will surely make them feel loved and comforted.

Send Memorial Gifts & More

The sentiment behind a memorial gift is to comfort the recipient and honor the memory of the deceased. Memorial gifts are always welcomed by loved ones because they underscore just how important the person who passed away was to the people in their life. Memorials are often bittersweet as people share memories, laughs, tears, and peaceful thoughts. Some of our most common floral memorial gifts include:

  • White flower bouquets

  • Funeral sprays

  • Cremation flowers

Sympathy plants and trees also make for a beautiful reminder of the circle of life and hope for the future. Send same day sympathy flowers that will bring joy and delight to all of your loved ones. Whether it’s flower delivery to the home or funeral flowers delivery to the funeral home, you’ll find the one that conveys exactly what you’re feeling. If you’re looking for other types of bouquets, shop all sympathy gifts to honor the lives of those who’ve passed and comfort their loved ones.