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Asiatic Lilies & Bouquets

An arrangement of Asiatic lilies can light up a room with their vibrant, starburst patterns in any color. These spring and summer flowers are perfect for evoking a sense of joy and celebration in a home centerpiece or as the stunning focal point in a floral arrangement for a special occasion. Looking to surprise someone special? Let them know how they make you feel with a Asiatic lily bouquet delivered right to their home or office!

What Are Asiatic Lilies?

There are roughly 90 different species of lilies, with certain types varying only slightly in appearance and others taking on radically different shapes, color schemes and growing patterns. Asiatic lilies are one of the most common types of lily found in North America and have the broadest range of possible colors.   They start growing earlier in the season and are generally more resilient and easier to care for, often blooming for longer than most other lily species. For these reasons they are popular in gardens across the U.S. Plus, their lack of a strong smell makes Asiatic lily arrangements a great way to add a touch of spring freshness inside the house for those with sensitive noses!

What Do Asiatic Lily Bouquets Look Like?

Asiatic lilies feature six broad, outward sweeping petals with small unscented flowers pushing up vertically out of the center. Asiatic lilies' 4-5 inch petals are slightly smaller than those of the similarly shaped stargazer lilies, but are wider and more spread out than trumpet-shaped lily varieties.   One of the reasons asiatic lily arrangements are so popular is that they are available in such a wide range of colors, from shimmering white or pastel yellows and oranges in the spring to deep reds and purples in the summer. Some varieties also showcase stunning variegation patterns with dark, vibrant colors toward the corona gradually fading into lighter shades around the edges of the petals.

What Do Asiatic Lily Arrangements Represent?

Like most other lily species, the meaning of an Asiatic lily bouquet depends on the color of the flowers you include. White lilies are frequently associated with innocence, peace and purity, making them common in weddings or for use as Easter lilies. Yellow Asiatic lilies convey thankfulness and joy, while orange varieties (often called tiger lilies) stand for confidence and pride. As with many common love and romance flowers, red signifies passion and purple lilies evoke a sense of admiration or enchantment.

Asiatic Lilies Delivered Right to Your Door

Whether you're planning a stunning wedding bouquet or you want to light up a room with a colorful centerpiece, we have a selection of online Asiatic lilies to stun and delight! Friends and family members alike will be beaming when one of our local florists delivers a radiant Asiatic lily right to their doorstep.