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Bring the beauty of the great outdoors into your office or living room with fresh and lovely green plants from FTD. Scroll through our wide variety of options, pick the plant that makes the perfect gift (or self-gift, we won't tell!), and order it directly to your recipient, on time and as healthy as if you'd bought it from the local nursery.

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Green Plants FAQs

When is a good occasion to give a green houseplant?

There's never a bad occasion to give someone indoor green plants! Plants are a timeless classic as a go-to gift for a wide variety of occasions. Plus, indoor plants are an essential part of an on-trend living space, so delivering someone a gorgeous green plant to help them turn their apartment into an urban oasis is always well-received. Some of the best occasions to give green houseplants include:

What are some popular types of green plants to give as gifts?

The most popular plants to give as gifts are interesting, exotic and beautiful. These are some of the trendiest types of green plants that FTD offers:

  • Blooming plants that will bring stunning flowers into your recipient's home, delighting them with a pop of color they're sure to enjoy.

  • Dish garden plants, which include an interesting variety in a basket, ideal for a windowsill decoration or even the centerpiece of their kitchen table.

  • Succulent plants that are all the rage and will look on-trend and chic placed on coffee tables, bookshelves, windowsills or desks.

What's the meaning of gifting a green plant?

Choosing a green plants delivery tells the recipient that you have a nurturing nature and care for them. Gifting a plant can also express gratitude, appreciation and love. Every plant has a different meaning, so it's good to do a little research to find out the meaning to create an extra thoughtful gift. For example, gifting a money tree is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the recipient.

Moreover, as a bonus, green plants offer many health benefits. They can help reduce fatigue and improve air quality, which helps to lessen headaches and respiratory ailments. An indoor plant delivery can help people stay in touch with nature by bringing greenery inside where they need it most. Plants influence the mood of people around them with colorful flowers and beautiful green foliage. Plus, if you're passionate about the environment — and are looking after our planet — they make a great sustainable choice, as plants live a long and happy life if nurtured properly.

Do green plants make a good gift?

Green plants are an excellent gift for any occasion. They can last for years, reminding the recipient that they are loved. The other bonus is that green plants blend with any decor, so they suit all types of homes, from large to small. We have a wide selection that will suit all tastes, from a classic peace lily that works well in any home to a beautiful, majestic palm — or one of our easy-to-care-for succulents. Check out our stunning azaleas, rose plants and other indoor plants, and organize your indoor plant gift delivery today.

Is a green plant a unique gift idea?

Yes! We have a wide range to choose from so you can create a truly unique gift for someone special in your life:

DIY Hanging Air Plant Terrarium Kit: This offers you the chance to build something unique together to symbolize your relationship — a great choice for your loved one.

Seed Of Life Memory Tree: The perfect choice to honor the cherished person or people in your life. Each kit contains a vase and saucer, soil, moss, seeds and growing directions so you can plant a tree as a beautiful and unique gesture to recognize a special moment in your life.

Bonsai Starter Kit: This kit offers everything you need to maintain a beautiful bonsai tree, including trimming scissors, and a helpful book to get you started. This makes a truly unique and thoughtful gift for anyone interested in gardening!

Can your plants be delivered?

Yes! All of our plants are available to be delivered, even as soon as the next day or earlier. Our team of florists all take great care in packaging your plants to ensure they arrive healthy and ready to enjoy Check out our new arrivals to see what's in season.

What type of green plants is easy to care for?

Green plants may seem tricky to care for, but they don't have to be. FTD offers a number of healthy and easy-to-care-for plants, so even your friend who kills just about anything they set their hands on will be able to enjoy its foliage. Some examples of plants that are easy to care for include bamboo, succulents, money trees and peace lilies — all of which FTD is more than happy to deliver straight to your recipient's door.