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Dish Gardens & Plants

Dish gardens are unique gifts for the plant lovers in your life. Made up of a gorgeous garden of plants like succulents and green plants, a dish garden plant brings natural beauty to any home. If you’re looking to send a gift to a loved one or maybe just want to treat yourself, dish garden plants are exactly what you’re looking for.
Sending a gift of dish garden delivery is the perfect way to bring the beauty of the outdoors in. From gorgeous succulents to leafy greens, your plant lover will be delighted when they receive their gift. Lush plants not only make any room more inviting, but they are proven to boost moods and enhance positivity.

What is a dish garden plant?

A dish garden is made up of plants and set in a shallow dish or bowl. Each container compliments not only the plants selected in each garden, but to complement any indoors space its placed in. Dish gardens usually grow in a home rather than the outdoors, perfect for adding some freshness to a kitchen or living space. The gardens are used to represent a natural scene as a mini ecosystem. Some styles of dish gardens resemble a desert, while others tent to look like a more natural outdoors like forests or prairies. The plants chosen to make-up the garden are compatible with each other and are selected to stay small, or grow slowly. Plants that are commonly found in dish gardens include cacti, succulents, air plants, flowering plants, leafy greens and more. Dish gardens are particularly easy to maintain, making it the perfect gift for any of your loved ones.

Send a Dish Garden from FTD

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