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Bonsai Plants

Bonsai plants are a great way to add an elegant, refined touch to any space in your home or office. These delicate, miniaturized trees encapsulate the meticulous dedication and attention to detail of their caretaker with a uniquely minimalist beauty. Having bonsai plants delivered can also be a great surprise gift for the budding gardener in your life!

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What Are Bonsai Plants?

Potted bonsai plants are small trees that are planted in a shallow base of rich soil and pruned according to specific traditional techniques in order to control and manipulate their growth. Over time, mature bonsai plants take on the shape and appearance of fully grown trees while still only standing a few feet (or even inches) tall.   Because of the dedication required to bring bonsai plants to fruition over many years, they typically symbolize peace, harmony and balance. Such meticulous long-term care is evident in the unique look of each plant, making bonsai trees and bamboo a great way to elevate the style of any indoor or outdoor gathering place.

Indoor Bonsai Trees  

If you're looking for bonsai plants online, you'll want to make sure to pick the right option for your specific home or garden. If you're looking for an indoor bonsai plant that can thrive in an office, study, or entryway, there are certain types better suited to these environments. Common indoor bonsai trees include ficus, podocarpus, cycad and pachira (also commonly referred to as money trees) varieties.   While you will still need to control the amount of sunlight and watering each tree receives, these bonsai plants are more suited to indoor lighting and temperature conditions. There are even some flowering bonsai plants, such as a blooming gardenia bonsai!

Outdoor Bonsai Trees

While bonsai is a type of gardening art often practiced indoors, there are certain types of bonsai plants that thrive outdoors. These plants will still be potted and grown in an enclosed container, but they benefit from constant sunlight and outdoor growing conditions. Maple, juniper, pine, oak and ginkgo are all popular outdoor bonsai trees. Maple bonsai trees are especially common and can often thrive indoors as well once their root system is well established.

Bonsai Plants Delivered to Your Home or Office

We have a variety of bonsai plants online, all of which come with a decorative base, stones and soil. Whether you're looking for a graceful and refined bonsai tree or a flowering bonsai plant, we have convenient delivery options to ship straight to your door. Looking for an understated but meaningful way to express your appreciation in a workplace setting? Bonsai plants also make for great corporate plant gifts!