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Valentine’s Day Roses

Valentine’s roses are the perfect way to show that special someone your love this February 14. Send white roses to express undying devotion, pink roses to show friendship, or classic red Valentine's Day roses to symbolize true love. Whatever the sentiments, roses are a beautiful symbol of the adoration in your heart. Make this Valentine's Day memorable with the perfect rose bouquet, guaranteed to make your crush smile.

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Valentine’s Day Roses FAQ

Where to buy roses for Valentine’s Day?

If you are looking to order roses online, you have come to right place. For over a century, FTD has been a trusted source for stunning roses and fresh flower bouquets. Browse our Valentine’s Day collection for an amazing selection of floral arrangements and thoughtful gifts. Send an extravagant bouquet of long-stemmed roses to your sweetheart that is artfully arranged in a tasteful vase. Shop beautiful Valentine’s Day roses from the comfort of your own home, and after choosing the perfect arrangement, you can include a heartfelt message.

What are the most popular color of roses to give on Valentine's Day?

There are plenty of Valentine's Day roses to choose from, but the color you pick can send a message all its own. When you send roses for Valentine’s, make sure you understand the meaning behind your selected blossoms.

  • Red: Red roses continue to be one of our Valentine's Day best sellers, and these classic buds symbolize love, beauty, respect, courage, devotion and desire.

  • White: The pure hue of white roses speaks of undying devotion and symbolizes true love, purity, reverence and innocence.

  • Pink: Light pink roses are a wonderful way to express your appreciation of a beautiful friendship. Pink roses can symbolize grace, happiness, admiration and gentleness — which makes it a perfect Valentine's Day rose.

  • Yellow: Yellow roses are another way to celebrate friendship; this cheery bloom symbolizes gladness, friendship, delight, remembrance and new beginnings.

  • Red-tipped yellow rose: If you're in a new relationship and are beginning to fall in love, be sure to grab a bouquet filled with red-tipped yellow roses.

  • Orange: Orange roses symbolize passion, desire and fascination.

  • Red/White combo: Combining beautiful red roses and white roses symbolizes unity and togetherness — the contrast makes it a delightful, fun Valentine's Day rose option.

  • Peach: These soft blooms signify intimacy and are a wonderful rose to present at any step in your relationship — whether this is your first Valentine's Day together or your 30th.

Classic Valentine's roses tend to be red, as this vibrant color evokes emotions of love, desire admiration — these Valentine roses truly speak from the heart. However, there are plenty of other colors that will make your sweetheart smile. Choose from bouquets that mix a variety of colors, or try something unique and look at our rose plants for delivery.

How many roses for Valentine’s Day?

While the number of roses gifted on Valentine’s Day has a specific connotation, is there really such a thing as sending a loved one too many flowers? If you’re thinking about roses for Valentine’s Day delivery, consider the meaning behind the numbers:

  • A single rose of any color conveys adoration, while one red rose depicts love at first sight.

  • Two roses are often used to ask the question “Will you marry me?”

  • A half a dozen roses indicate the desire to be with your secret crush.

  • 12 are meant to convey a dozen ways you love your sweetheart.

  • 24 roses are akin to saying “I am yours forever!”

Whether it’s rose arrangements or seasonal blooms, we invite you to shop all flowers now.

Why roses on Valentine’s Day?

Have you ever wondered why everyone gives roses for Valentine's Day? Roses of all hues have represented love, romance, beauty and devotion across many cultures for centuries. During Victorian times, young suitors would send a bouquet of roses to show their interest in pursuing a romantic relationship. While orchids, lilies and ranunculus are pretty alternatives on Feb. 14, roses are still the most popular choice for Valentine’s Day flower delivery.

How much is a bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day?

Buy beautiful Valentine's Day roses on any budget. We offer a wide range of arrangements, ensuring you'll find bouquets that don't break the bank this Feb. 14. We're proud to provide budget-friendly bouquets for all of life's most beautiful moments. Shop for bridal bouquets online to make wedding planning easy, or grab anniversary flowers for her to show your undying love has only grown over the years.

Can I have roses for Valentine's Day delivered?

If Valentine's Day snuck up on you, make sure you check out our same-day flower delivery for February 14 to ensure your special someone receives Valentine's Day roses right on time. Talented florists arrange Valentine's flowers by hand and can deliver your bouquet straight to your sweetheart's door. Whether you want to buy Valentine’s Day food gifts, desk plants or a dozen roses for your crush, we've got you covered.