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Easter Flowers Delivery

The most popular Easter flowers include lilies, tulips, daffodils, daisies, and yellow roses. Guess what? You’re in luck — FTD specializes in beautiful Easter flowers arrangements that can be delivered right to your door! Celebrate the season of new life with fresh blooms that will fill your house with the scents of spring.

When you need an eye-catching table centerpiece for the big family meal, we have Easter flowers of all shapes, colors, and sizes to delight guests as they tuck into a home-cooked meal. From pastel blossoms to gorgeous greenery, we are your go-to source for fresh Easter décor.

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Types of Traditional Easter Flowers

Wonderful as gifts or used as home decorations, seasonal spring flowers have long been associated with the Easter holidays. Get into the spirit of this symbolic occasion with traditional Easter flower bouquets from FTD. Just as popular as our thoughtfully curated Easter gift baskets, these archetypal flowers have garnered special significance during the holiday:

  • Lily: Considered by some to be the ancient embodiment of the resurrection, lilies are thought to symbolize rebirth, hope, purity, and serenity. The trumpet-shaped blooms of Easter lilies are ubiquitous in homes, churches, and offices everywhere, and are the go-to bloom for Easter celebrations.

  • Tulip: Tulips are another quintessential Easter flower for gift-giving and home décor. One of the first flowers to emerge in Spring, they also represent new beginnings and rebirth. For most people, these pretty, pastel-colored flowers symbolize the return of warmer weather.

  • Daffodil: Renowned for their joyful yellow color, daffodils are another early spring bloomer to emerge from winter dormancy, making them perfect for the holiday season. They are a wonderful addition to any Easter bouquet and are sometimes known as “Lent lilies” in England since they bloom and perish between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.

  • Rose: Bring spring cheer to any Easter celebration with a bouquet of exquisite roses. While not as prevalent as tulips or lilies, roses come in a variety of colors and add a nice touch to any arrangement.

  • Daisy: The sweet and simple daisy is another popular Easter flower, which adorns many of our floral arrangements. Daisies are said to convey innocence, purity, and gentleness.

Celebrate with Happy Easter Flowers

Since Easter is celebrated in the Spring, traditional flowers correspond to the whims of Mother Nature! Yellow daffodils, white lilies, pink carnations, and violet bluebells are all hallmarks of the best selling flower arrangements for Easter. Do you celebrate the religious roots of the holiday? FTD offers elegant religious flowers for Easter that will brighten up your home once you return from church. If you’re more into the egg hunts and chocolate bunnies, we have plenty of Easter gift baskets that will delight kids and adults alike. No matter your celebration style, Easter flowers are a surefire way to make this day one to remember for years to come!

Send Easter Flowers with FTD

Whether you’re spending the holiday with family or friends, our beautiful floral arrangements will add charm and sunshine to your Easter table. Shop All Flowers and find an arrangement that captures the spirit and happiness of this springtime celebration. April 17 is just around the corner, so get online and schedule your Easter flowers delivery with FTD.

Easter Flower FAQs

Does FTD Offer On-Time Easter Flower Delivery?

Our hard-working florists ensure you get your Easter flower arrangements on time, every time. While we can’t guarantee an exact delivery time, we always deliver on the date that you desire! Simply order flowers by 2 p.m. in the recipient’s time zone (1 p.m. on weekends), and you’ll get your beautiful blooms that day.

Whether you want Easter tulips delivered, or a bouquet of Easter roses delivered to your sweetheart, our flower delivery service is second to none. We’re proud of our craft and also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there’s something wrong with your arrangement, we’ll fix it for you in a flash. So, when you don’t want to wait for fresh blossoms to reach your loved ones, order with FTD to ensure speedy, Easter same-day delivery.

What Other Treats and Gifts Pair Well With Easter Flower Arrangements?

Don’t just stop with Easter floral arrangements — include another sentimental item to make your seasonal gift really sensational! From delicious baskets of treats to succulent pots that can sit on the windowsill, FTD offers a huge variety of unique gifts that will get you in the giving spirit this Easter.

Our Easter lilies for sale pair perfectly with chocolate-covered strawberries. What would this holiday be without delicious food, right? If you want to take your Easter plants and flowers to the next level, why not mix and match bouquets so every corner of the house is filled with color?! With so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find a great treat or gift to pair perfectly with our seasonal blooms.

Why Are White Flowers Predominant at Easter?

The color white has long symbolized purity, light and innocence. For this reason, white flowers are often chosen to celebrate Easter holidays and — for Christians — the resurrection of Christ.