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Colorful flowers are the perfect way to light up someone’s day. And with so many options, FTD can help you send whatever message you want with the right color of flower to suit it! From passionate crimson to joyful yellow, royal purple to fiery orange, browse our flowers by color to suit every occasion. Send these colorful blooms via FTD’s same day flower delivery!

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Colorful Flowers Bouquets FAQs

What do colored flowers mean?

Bouquet colors have as many meanings as there are colors in the rainbow! Depending on what color you choose, you could send a totally different message:

  • Red symbolizes passion, love, and commitment — especially in a bouquet of crimson roses.

  • Pink is the classic feminine color, symbolizing happiness, and hope.

  • Orange is the color of warmth, enthusiasm, and excitement.

  • Blue symbolizes peace and serenity.

  • Yellow represents joy, fun, playfulness, and the summer sun

  • Purple symbolizes class, elegance, and sophistication, like an orchid.

  • Lavender, lighter than purple, is a color of youth, grace, and refinement.

  • Green can communicate life, growth, and new beginnings.

Plus, having a mixed bouquet with a variety of colors can communicate a message all your own! FTD has gorgeous assortments to choose from, so no matter what you’re trying to tell that special someone, we’ve got you covered.

Who should I give a colorful flower bouquet to?

The easy answer is anyone at all! However, there are plenty of options for curating the perfect bouquet for the special people in your life. If you’re trying to impress a date or significant other, roses are a timeless classic. You can also change it up with the mixed colors of rainbow roses to show your creative side. If you’re sending flowers as a gift for your mom or a daughter, a yellow bouquet of vibrant sunflowers is always a sure bet. These communicate your warmth and enthusiasm for them, as bright as the summer sun. Or, if you’re just trying to brighten a friend’s day, you can opt for a cute bouquet of pink flowers. The adorably rosy hues communicate your appreciation like nothing else!

Has anyone done you a favor lately? Repay their kindness with a colorful flower bouquet or arrangement accompanied by a thank-you note. It’s a thoughtful way to let them know how much you appreciate them. Do you know someone recovering from an illness or injury? There’s a reason that a colorful floral display is a traditional Get Well Soon delivery. Bright flower colors serve as emotional pick-me-ups for recuperating patients.

On what occasions should I gift a colorful flower bouquet?

Our favorite occasions for delivering colorful bouquets are birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and even when you want to send just because flowers! With so many eye-catching colors to choose from, FTD will help you celebrate any special occasion. Our colorful bouquets make an especially heart-warming happy birthday flowers delivery, as the naturally vivacious blooms will fill the recipient with joy. They are also great options for showing your admiration to someone you appreciate and can be a touching gift for someone in your life that has been feeling down. Whatever the occasion, flowers are a safe bet for a meaningful gift. You really can’t go wrong with a colorful flower delivery. It’s no coincidence that most of our best-selling flowers are also among the most colorful!

Of course, there are situations where colorful flowers may not prove appropriate. For example, white is the classic color for a funeral flowers delivery or a sympathy flowers delivery. However, if you knew the deceased well, send flowers in their favorite colors in their memory. For celebrations of life, the idea is to joyfully remember how much the person meant to family, friends, and colleagues. For such occasions, shop flowers by color to commemorate what the deceased meant to you. For example, bright yellow flowers signify deep friendship.

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