Warmest Wishes Succulent Gift Box


Warmest Wishes Succulent Gift Box

Whether you are sending a get well care package, wishing someone good luck, or just because, our Warmest Wishes Gift Box is the perfect way to say you are thinking of them. This gift box comes with an Echeveria Succulent, a box of Lemon Ginger Tea, and a Warmest Wishes card. Each gift box arrives with care instructions specific to the succulent that is included.


  • Includes: Echeveria succulent in a blue ceramic pot, a box of Lemon Ginger Tea, and Warmest Wishes greeting card.
  • Comes in a colorfully decorated shipping box
  • Care Tips: Succulents thrive bright indirect sunlight. Be sure to rotate your plant for even growth. Only water directly to the soil when it has dried out completely, as succulents can tolerate very dry conditions.
  • This item is not available for delivery to Hawaii or Alaska.


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