Lula's Garden - Birthday Premium Gardens

Size:Urban Garden

Lula's Garden - Birthday Premium Gardens

Step into a world of green without the prickles with our Urban Garden. Here, succulents of various sizes coalesce in harmony, offering a hassle-free splash of life to any nook. Arriving in a chic planter, complete with care tools, it's a vibrant, worry-free oasis for your urban space. Care Tips: Use the Plastic Dropper to water your Garden every 7-10 days. Place your Garden in indirect, bright light. The gift box is designed to serve as a planter, do not remove plants until they outgrow the box.


  • Assortment of 2.5" and 4" Succulent Plants.
  • Includes a plastic dropper and sleeve.
  • 7" x 5.5" planter.
  • Personalized card message.


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