Terrariums & Terrarium Plants

A terrarium can be a great low-maintenance gift for the plant-lover in your life! A sleek glass enclosure provides a touch of elegance while terrarium succulents help make any space greener and inviting. Browse our online terrariums for an easy way to add a little spark of life to your home or office today!

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What are Terrariums?

Terrariums are glass enclosures that typically house small plants like succulents or air plants. Usually a terrarium is small enough to fit on a shelf or table, while some designs may instead be hung from the ceiling or above a window. Because they are designed to remain entirely enclosed, terrarium plants are usually low-maintenance plants like succulents that have shallow root systems and require very little soil and watering. Our terrariums are intended to be aesthetically pleasing in every aspect of their design, like small glass sculptures that showcase the natural beauty of the plants arranged inside. Depending on your intended placement and aesthetic, you may opt for an arrangement of several plants in a vase, a minimalist succulent display in a small teardrop terrarium, or a hanging vase perfect for an air plant.

Terrariums Use Vibrant & Low-Maintenance Plants

Terrarium succulents are easy to care for since they require little watering and can thrive in small spaces. Typically found in dry climates, succulents have thick, sturdy leaves that store water very efficiently, resulting in vibrant green (or sometimes dusty red) colors without the need for constant care. Their leaves grow in tightly clustered patterns, making for a unique and colorful compact design ideal for a small terrarium enclosure. Arrange some flat stones around the base of the terrarium for an especially modern look.

Terrariums Make for Sleek, Modern Decorations

Terrariums can act as an elegant set piece or hanging decoration to add a little spark of life to a living room or a space in your home. They can also be a great way to add some extra warmth and color to an office space—you can even get a small display to set right on your desk. The glass enclosures offer a stylish way to display succulents or other low-maintenance terrarium plants without the need for bulky planters or loose soil, keeping your space clean and uncluttered.

Terrariums Delivered Right to Your Door  

Our online terrariums selection includes a variety of designs as well as different types and sizes of succulents and air plants. A terrarium can be a great gift idea for plant-loving friends or family members, who will love the extra boost of no-hassle style and freshness with a modern touch. With our easy online checkout, you can have one of our terrariums delivered directly to their address as a surprise gift, or have the design of your choice sent to your home or office.