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Plants with a Stand

If you love to display plants around your home, but don’t have as much surface space as you’d like, a decorative plant stand offers an attractive decorating solution.  Plant stands enable flower lovers to display multiple tiers of potted plants, flowers, and succulents in an elegant, practical manner.

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Indoor Plant with Stand

When you’re searching online for indoor decorating ideas, don’t be content to leave your potted plants only on your tables or windowsills. Plant stands make efficient use of indoor space, and are perfect for displaying multiple plants in corners, hallways, bathrooms, dining rooms and more. Displaying indoor plants with stands is an inexpensive way to bring the beauty and brightness of the outdoors right into your home. Indoor plant stands come in a variety of designs and heights, so it’s easy to make a big visual impact in even the smallest spaces. Create a welcome, natural ambiance in your foyer or front hallway with vibrant flowers displayed on an indoor plant stand. Liven up an unused corner of any room by displaying brightly potted plants. Search online at FTD for the perfect plant stand that matches your interior design. Choose multi-tiered stands to showcase a variety of florals, or single stands to highlight your favorite potted plant. Whether you want to add whimsical elegance, farmhouse chic, or a sleek modern accent, FTD has a variety of plant stands online to enhance the way you display your potted plants. Indoor plant stands not only enhance the look of your everyday décor but make it easy to intersperse holiday varietals. Change out your fiery Fall arrangements to feature holiday poinsettias. Highlight spring lilies and lilacs one month, and trade them out for flowering azalea plants the next. Plant stands are a playful accessory to add to your indoor garden displays and exude a warm, homey feel.

Potted Plant with Stand  

Potted plants can give your outdoor patio, deck or balcony a more elegantly put-together feel. Layer your outdoor décor by displaying potted plants in decorative stands that match your patio furniture or colorful throw pillows. Even if you have a tiny balcony or patio, it’s easy to display multiple potted plants with an attractive stand from FTD. There’s no need to have any garden space at all when you display your potted plants in an eye-catching plant stand. Whether you’re hoping to brighten up a boring backyard or bare deck, FTD helps transform any outdoor space into your own personal secret garden.

Plant Stand Delivered  

Don’t waste time traveling to multiple home and garden stores looking for the perfect plant stand to feature your favorite flowers. FTD has a great selection of plant stands online that will be delivered to your home at your convenience. Go online to choose the plant stand you want and select the desired delivery date and location. Your plant stand can be delivered as early as the same or next day. At FTD we’re all about flowers and offering creative options to display them to their best advantage in your home.