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Introduce some greenery into your home or office with a lush, low-maintenance snake plant. Sansevieria plants are often called snake plants for their groupings of wide, sturdy green leaves that snake upward away from the soil. Their unique striped patterns and ability to thrive in low lighting with only sporadic watering also make them a great gift!

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What Are Snake Plants

Snake plants (officially called sansevieria trifasciata) are leafy perennials with clusters of wide green stalks that grow upward anywhere from a few inches to multiple feet. Most plants will end up between 1-3 feet high, but some can grow as high as 6 feet depending on the species variation and growing conditions. Our selection of snake plants online come with decorative clay pots or baskets to ensure the right amount of room for growth while offering a stylish touch for any room.

Freshen Up Your Home with a Clean-Air Plant

Sansevieria are very hearty plants that can withstand periods of drought thanks to the unique way they store and process water, CO2, and oxygen. Their ability to efficiently exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen has actually been recognized by NASA's Clean Air Study, which found that snake plants can help filter and improve air quality.* This makes them especially good low-maintenance plants for small offices or other spaces that don't get a lot of circulation or regular airflow.

Order Online to Have Snake Plants Delivered

Have one of these visually stunning low-maintenance houseplants shipped right to your door, or get a snake plant delivered to your office for an added splash of color and freshness. Our selection of snake plants includes a variety of sizes and styles, whether you're looking for something to put on the corner of your desk or some floorstanding greenery for an entryway. Browse our selection and take advantage of our quick plant delivery services today!   *NASA Clean Air Study: Wolverton, B.C., Johnson, A. & Bounds, K. (1989) Interior landscape plants for indoor air pollution abatement – final report. NASA, Stennis Space Center, MS. †Our products are not endorsed by, or associated with, NASA.