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Money Trees

Money trees are an incredibly popular gift. And no, these money trees are not kitschy potted branches with dollar bills clipped to it. Although that might be a fortunate sight for some, the visual pleasure is short-lived compared to having a real money tree delivered.

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Money trees or Pachira Aquatica are also known as Good Luck Trees. Besides their easy care, and attractive appearance, money trees are often given to executives or new offices to bring good fortune along with it.    The art of Feng Shui considers money trees, even the potted ones, to possess positive energy, also known as Chi or Qi.  As a result, money trees are an excellent option for improving the energy of a space.    Each potted money tree is actually the trunks of four to five Pachira Aquatica braided together. Potted money trees are often right-sized for their indoor space, but given time and space can grow up to seven feet tall. Native to Mexico and South America, the money tree can grow up to sixty-feet in their natural surroundings.    Money trees are considered low maintenance because a little attention goes a long way. The mild temps and low light conditions of a typical office space are well suited for money trees. The plants like water and humidity, just not being consistently overwatered. The money tree shouldn't be moved around a lot if your money tree is moved too frequently around it will respond by dropping its leaves.  Can we possibly stress any greater how little the money tree expects you to mess with it?    Choose to have your money tree delivered by local FTD florists. When ordering money trees online, you want someone who won't abandon the plant on a recipient's doorstep. The money tree is a low maintenance plant but doesn't tolerate extreme temperatures, drafts, or intense sunlight.

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Already maxed out on sending money trees online and looking for fresher options when it comes to executive gifts, or simply seeking other opportunities for bringing well-wishes and good luck to someone's office or home, FTD has a variety of gifting options to consider.