Thanksgiving brings family, friends, and loved ones together to enjoy each other’s company, share meals, and express their gratitude for one another. FTD has a wide variety of flowers, gifts, and floral centerpieces that are perfect for this year’s Thanksgiving flower delivery. Whether you are heading to your family home that you have been to countless times, or you are going for a first-time visit to a friend’s house, you never want to show up empty handed.


Browse through our carefully curated, expertly-designed, and hand-arranged Thanksgiving florals, that way you can pick and choose the pieces that are fit for this year’s celebration. Will it be a mixed bouquet full of stunning sunflowers, bright and lively daisies, and eye-catching lilies? Or maybe you are drawn toward a gorgeous rose, carnation, chrysanthemum bouquet? Whatever FTD Thanksgiving centerpieces or bouquets you choose, you can rest easy knowing they are made with care, love, and a passion for flowers. Plus, each one is hand delivered by our local florists all throughout the country.

So, put on your cozy socks and comfy pants, pop the turkey in the oven, light your fall scented candles, and clear a space on your table or mantle for your FTD Thanksgiving flower delivery.