Thanksgiving brings family, friends, and loved ones together to enjoy each other’s company, share meals, and express their gratitude for one another. FTD has a wide variety of flowers, gifts, and floral centerpieces that are perfect for this year’s Thanksgiving flower delivery. Whether you are heading to your family home that you have been to countless times, or you are going for a first-time visit to a friend’s house, you never want to show up empty handed.


Browse through our carefully curated, expertly-designed, and hand-arranged Thanksgiving florals, that way you can pick and choose the pieces that are fit for this year’s celebration. Will it be a mixed bouquet full of stunning sunflowers, bright and lively daisies, and eye-catching lilies? Or maybe you are drawn toward a gorgeous rose, carnation, chrysanthemum bouquet? Whatever FTD Thanksgiving centerpieces or bouquets you choose, you can rest easy knowing they are made with care, love, and a passion for flowers. Plus, each one is hand delivered by our local florists all throughout the country.

So, put on your cozy socks and comfy pants, pop the turkey in the oven, light your fall scented candles, and clear a space on your table or mantle for your FTD Thanksgiving flower delivery.

Thanksgiving Delivery Collection FAQs

When the holiday season approaches, it is common for people to get overwhelmed and stressed, which in turn causes them to forget about important parts of the celebrations, like ordering their Thanksgiving flower delivery, plants for their homes, and Thanksgiving gifts to send to their loved ones near and far. That’s why FTD is here to help! We have answered a few of the most common questions received when it comes to Thanksgiving flowers, florals, and gifts.

Which Florals Are Available for Thanksgiving?

We have so many different florals that are available for Thanksgiving—all you have to do is pick your favorite. Some of the most common florals to choose from for your Thanksgiving flower arrangements are roses, sunflowers, daisies, carnations, and lilies. They are some of the most popular choices because they come in the proper color palettes to really represent Fall and Thanksgiving, and the feelings that come along with this time of the year. You can get them all on their own, or have them combined together in a mixed bouquet of Thanksgiving florals that are sure to please the visitors in your home, or the recipient you send them to. 

What Are the Most Popular Thanksgiving Gifts to Send?

When it comes to sending Thanksgiving baskets, FTD has what you need. Our baskets are overflowing with delicious treats, like melt-in-your-mouth brownie bites and cookies, decadent chocolate covered strawberries, fresh and juicy fruits, and tasty, gourmet meats and cheeses. FTD’s Thanksgiving gift baskets make for the perfect choice when you want to send a loved one a thoughtful, delightful, and yummy gift this holiday season. And don’t forget, you can send it to them if they are near or far, or you can have it delivered to your home to bring it to them when you head to their place for Thanksgiving dinner.

Who Should I Send a Thanksgiving Gift or Arrangement to?

If you are trying to think of who to send a Thanksgiving gift or arrangement to, it is a good idea to sit down and think of who you are most thankful for this year. Your parents, grandparents, kids, siblings, aunts or uncles, or cousins are all great choices when you are thinking of the people you appreciate within your family. But remember that sometimes those we are truly most thankful for aren’t blood relatives. Your significant other and their family, your best friends, the coworker who has stood by you during overwhelming work times, or maybe your boss who has been more understanding than usual this year. For any or all of the above, pick from one of FTD’s  Thanksgiving plants or a Thanksgiving bouquet. They are tried and true and are sure to be a hit for all the different people in your life!

Are Thanksgiving Flowers & Centerpieces Available for Same Day Delivery?

We know that it isn’t always possible to place an order far in advance, and we also know that even if you had the time, things sometimes slip your mind. That is why FTD offers same day delivery for Thanksgiving florals and Thanksgiving centerpieces. To check that same day delivery is offered and available in your area and on the day you are hoping for, enter in the delivery zip code and today’s date at the top of our easy-to-use webpage and go from there. You will be able to see which of our beautiful Thanksgiving centerpieces, plants, and florals can be ordered in the morning and delivered by that same day. Our same day Thanksgiving flower delivery services are a great option when you are in a pinch and you realize you didn’t get anything for the host of the holiday festivities you are heading to that evening. With FTD’s Thanksgiving flowers delivered the same day, you just can’t go wrong.