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Condolence Gifts

A condolence gift is a touching way of showing a grieving person that you empathize with their loss and that you love and support him or her. It’s an important gift in a trifling circumstance, and that’s why finding the right condolence gift might seem overwhelming.   FTD can help you help someone else through the loss of a loved one. We offer the best sympathy and memorial gifts, including floral arrangements, gift baskets, and special remembrance gifts.

Condolence Gifts FAQ

What do you get someone for condolence?

Because they’re being given for a solemn occasion, condolence gifts should not be too flashy, humorous, or materialistic. That doesn’t mean that a condolence gift can’t be cheerful; in fact, the point of a condolence gift is to inspire a bit of cheerfulness in the recipient by expressing love and support for that person. Ideal condolence gifts include: ●       Flowers or plants ●       Gift baskets ●       Personal mementos Sympathy flowers and memorial plants make for beautiful expressions of condolence, and they’re suitable for either the home or office of the grieving person. Through their sheer beauty, sympathy floral arrangements can express a vast array of emotions. For funeral services, we offer a variety of funeral sprays and cremation flowers. Sympathy gift baskets may be some of the most helpful gifts for people who are grieving. Our FTD gourmet baskets come with tasty treats that will help keep the bereaved from being malnourished during a period of mourning, and add a little something sweet to brighten their day. Small mementos of the departed person may also be a fine condolence gift. We have a variety of beautiful remembrance figurines and plush figures that can be either admired or cuddled with. You can include a condolence card with any condolence gift so you can write a personal message to the recipient.

Do fruit baskets make good condolence gifts?

Fruit baskets make excellent condolence gifts. Grief can cause mourners to lose their appetite, and their health might suffer if they don’t eat enough food. Fruit baskets are good for two reasons. First, fruit is a healthy food option that’ll provide a grieving person with important nutrients. Second, grieving people tend to prefer snacks to full-course meals, and so a fruit basket accommodates that habit.

Does FTD deliver condolence gifts?

Yes! And many of our floral arrangements can be ordered for same day delivery.