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Looking for a unique gift to send to someone special or for beautiful and lively decor for your home? FTD offers several stunning varieties of blooming bulbs in yellow, purple and multicolored arrangements. Your bulb garden from FTD is guaranteed to be delivered fresh, fabulous and always on time!

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Spring Bulbs Delivered

If you're looking to purchase a floral present will last and last, a potted bulb garden is the perfect gift. Unlike fresh cut flowers that have a limited shelf life before they eventually wilt, potted bulbs are live plants that grow and change with the seasons. Your bulb garden will arrive in a woven wicker basket in 'bulb stage', meaning that you will not see any blooming petals right away but you will see some green sprouts that indicate that they will be ready to bloom soon!

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To care for your blooming bulb garden you'll want to make sure that it receives bright but indirect sunlight. Think of a place in your home (or outdoors depending on the climate of your city) where your bulbs will receive plenty of sunlight to grow but not so much that it could burn the plant or dry out their soil. When your plant arrives, check its soil by crumbling it in between your fingers. If it is dry to the touch (which will be fairly common after its journey to you) you'll want to thoroughly water it until the soil feels moist but isn't sopping wet. It's likely that you'll need to water it this way about once a week, possibly a bit more if you live in drier or very arid climates. After a few days or about a week of love and care you will see incredible blooms come to life! FTD offers several stunning live Flower Bulb Gardens in a variety of fresh Spring colors and vibrant blooms. Purchase your Spring bulbs online from FTD and receive them 365 days a year, almost anywhere in the world.