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Corporate Gifting Ideas

Corporate Gifts Delivery

Corporate Gifts from FTD

Whether your shopping for a client or coworker, our corporate gifts are curated to make a lasting impression. Our collection offers a wide variety of decadent gift baskets and beautiful blooms that make anyone you give them to feel like an executive.

Finding gifts that break through the corporate noise can be hard. While some seem like they are personable, others don’t seem grand enough to impress coworkers, clients and executives. At FTD, we have an entire collection curated specifically for corporate gifting. We know that these gifts need to stand above the rest and send a meaningful message to those who are important to the professional game. Maybe you want to stand out after a big pitch, or it’s your boss’s special birthday. Each gift within our collection are tailored to fit whoever you’re giving them to.

Shopping for Corporate Gifts Online

With our online collection of gifts, flowers and sweets for corporate gifting, we make it simple and easy to pick out the perfect basket for delivery. Not everyone has time to run out and search endlessly for the perfectly tailored gifts we all want to find on the first try. That’s where we come in. We’ve taken the time to collaborate with our top gifting experts to make sure that we offer an amazing array of corporate gift ideas for you to choose from. We offer everything from meats and cheeses to decadent strawberries and novelty treats- all with the ease and relaxing experience of buying them online. And with our flexible corporate gift delivery options, we give you the ability to shop for them early or pick one last minute. It seriously has never been easier to get corporate gifts delivered.

There are plenty of corporate gift ideas for everyone in the professional work. Whether it be clients, coworker or the executive level, we are your one-stop-shop for gifts that are crafted to delight office professionals.

Gifts Perfect for Clients

Going through the perfect pitch can be nerve racking. You feel like you sold your idea or nailed the big presentation. Our corporate gifts are the perfect follow up to a client or partner in the business world. We even offer our corporate gifts with the option of a personalized card, making it the perfect way to share a thank you, appreciation or you’re welcome. Now only are they filled with gifts that people will actually use, but plenty of our gifting options come packaged with enough goodies for the entire office or team to enjoy.

Delight the Boss with a Gift

It’s true- we all want to be on our boss’s good side. Making a grand impression on your boss is always a stressful time. Especially if you’re working in a larger office space where employees may not have as direct interactions with their leaders. With a gift of their favorite chocolate or savory snack, they’ll be delighted by your act of kindness. We carefully curate the best corporate gifts with the highest quality of products. Pooling your coworkers together for a truly amazing corporate gift is a great way to upgrade the gifts you want for your leader. We offer a wide variety of wow-worthy selections, so you can give like a boss to your boss!

Gifts for Employees

We have a variety of gifts to pick for your employees, at plenty of different price points. Each gift is selected to make sure that while it may not cost the same as other gifts, it will still make the same lasting impression of joy. Because it is not how opulent the corporate gift is, but it’s the thought put into giving your employees something special and just for them. Simply just choose the different categories to browse the gifting options for your employees. A great corporate gifting idea is to pick a grander gift for different teams to enjoy together. This way guarantees each person would feel appreciated for the kind gifts they receive.

How to Pick Corporate Gifts

When it comes to gifting, a lot of us are left with a bit of stumped feeling. It’s hard to guess exactly what they like, or if they would prefer in their gift baskets. Sometimes we ask ourselves “Would they even use this gift?” First, our gifting experts recommend noting their preferences. This can be done by picking up clues in conversations or observation about what they like to use and buy. Do they always have coffee on their desk, and can’t seem to live without their afternoon pick me up? Are they always the one refilling the sweets bowl for everyone to enjoy? These are great tactics to gain an understanding of what to pick out. Another way is to simply ask. While this may let on to the surprise that was coming, it is a definite way to knowing that the gift you choose for them is exactly what they love and perfect for them.

Holiday Gifting for Staff

With so many holidays rolling around, it seems like there is always a reason to give your employees wonderful gifts. Our corporate gifting program consistently stays up with the current giving trends and modern baskets to make sure we offer exactly what employees want. There is no better way to shop for the many people who make day to day operations possible than with our FTD holiday shop. We offer plenty of festive products that your team can enjoy, like sweet chocolates, savory snacks and sky-high gift towers. You can even upgrade your gifting selections so you can delight the whole office with your perfect pick. A group gift is the perfect way to ensure everyone feels valued and appreciated during the holiday season. They’ll be feeling jolly and filled with joy when they see their gifts stacked and filled to the brim.

The FTD Difference

With FTD, we promise that our gifts and flowers are always crafted with high quality products that are fresh and beautiful. Each gift sent from FTD makes every moment more memorable. That’s the FTD Difference. Our flowers are hand-crafted by local florists or picked right at the source. With a florist crafted bouquet, we allow you the option to shop for products as close to sending them the same day you order them. Each bouquet is crafted by a local florist in the community of your recipient. This adds unique touches and a delivery experience like no other. With our bouquets in a box, each bloom is cut directly at the source and packed right at the farm. We work closely with our farms to make sure that every flower is handled with love and care. From the farm, the bouquet is shipped in temperature-controlled trucks and arrives directly to your recipient. When it arrives to them, they get the fun of unboxing their beautiful gift and assembling it.

Gifts are curated by a team of expert gifting professionals. They stay on top of trends to make sure that we offer the right gifts for our customers. Shop an array of hand-dipped berries, baskets of savory snacks, towering boxes filled with sweets and so much more. Each of our gifts is delivered right to their doorstep so they’re dazzled the moment they receive their amazing treat. With FTD, you know you are getting one of a kind experiences that is sure to leave them with a lasting smile on their face. We make it easy to find the perfect selection for corporate professionals.