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Employee Gifts

Recognition and appreciation are two key factors to engaging and motivating employees. Do both with an employee gift online from FTD. Shop our invigorating selection of bouquets, plants and gift baskets and have a thoughtful employee gift delivered to express your gratitude to the team of people that work so hard for your business.

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Let’s do this!

It’s time to rally the troops! Kick off a peak season or new piece of business with employee gifts online that are sure to energize your staff. Has your team been burning the midnight oil on an upcoming client event or sales pitch? Treat them to a pick-me-up with a Starbucks® or Godiva chocolate gift set. Employee gifts delivered to the office are great camaraderie and morale boosters.

Positive plant vibes

Plants, whether flowering or just green and leafy, have a myriad of benefits in the workplace. Beyond enriching the office aesthetics, plants are known to increase focus, creativity and productivity while also reducing stress. What a mindful way to spark innovation as your team starts a new project or to welcome new employees into your company but with a vibrant plant for their desk or office space? Inspire fresh ideas and green-light ingenuity with a stimulating plant selected from FTDs wide variety of employee gifts for sale.

Get more than you give with employee gifts at the holidays

Holiday shopping for employee gifts online is a great opportunity to get to know your employees a bit more. With festivities approaching, you may start paying closer attention to conversations or asking more questions about their hobbies and interests. Is one of your staff a vegan? Our fruit baskets or holiday plants may be the ticket. Or is another disciplined in their morning yoga sessions? Our Succulent Garden can help them find peace to start their days. Investing this time in learning about your team will reap long-term positives beyond finding the perfect employee gift online for the holidays.