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Coffee Gift Baskets & Tea Gift Sets

Coffee gift baskets are the ideal gift for anyone who wants to start their day with invigorating flavor and a pep in their step. Sip away in your sanctuary or pack up a fresh cup for the morning commute with our tea gift sets. Choose from unique coffee gift baskets or tea gift sets from FTD containing a rich selection of coffee, teas and tasty snack pairings sure to perk up anyone's day.

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Order Coffee Gift Baskets Online with Ease

FTD’s coffee gift baskets online make it easy to delight your favorite coffee lover with an unexpected gift basket delivered right to their doorstep. Our selection of online gift baskets contain an assortment of gourmet coffee, perfectly dunkable cookies, sweet and savory snacks like nuts and candies, as well as decorative home and travel mugs. You can also expand your morning flavor pallet by opting for coffee gift baskets that include fragrant and flavorful tea options to perfectly balance the taste of your day.

Coffee Gifts Delivered to Your Door

There is no better way to wake up than to the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee. FTD makes everyone’s favorite morning ritual even better with coffee gifts delivered right to your doorstep. We offer the best in gourmet, name-brand coffee, teas and accompaniments to create a decadent coffee gift basket full of rich flavors to start every coffee lover’s day right. View our selection of coffee gift baskets online, then choose your preferred delivery date and location, and FTD will deliver the perfect morning treat that is sure to start anyone’s morning on the right foot.

Coffee Gift Baskets for Everyone!  

Whether it’s for a special occasion, or just an invigorating treat to perk up any coffee lover’s day, coffee gift baskets online from FTD are sure to add a bounce to their step. Coffee gift baskets delivered by FTD make for an imaginative gift idea for nearly any occasion: birthdays, graduations, getting a new job, Father’s Day or just to let someone know you're thinking about them. When it comes to impressive and personal gift ideas, coffee gift baskets from FTD are a refreshing way to brighten someone’s day.

Send in the self care with a tea gift basket

When caring for an ailing family member or dealing with the loss of a friend, we can often get caught up in tending to others. Taking time to refresh our own body and spirit, allows for navigating hardship with a clearer mind. Journaling, meditating or savoring a soothing cup of tea are all positive approaches to calming the chaos. When a loved one is coping with difficult times, help them protect their own well-being. Wrap them up in the warm sentiments of a comforting tea gift delivered to their home.

Tea up the conversation  

Tea for two! Whether catching up with an old friend or visiting mom for Mother’s Day, brew up a lovely time with a tea gift set. Take the day, chat about life, laugh about old stories - relax with a cup of delightful tea and connect. Conveniently order a tea gift set online and let us do the rest, so you can focus on what matters most.

Tea gifts are perfect for at home, school or the office  

Filled with other sweet and savory goodies, FTD has a beautiful variety of tea gift sets for sale that are excellent for any of life’s moments. Deliver a tea gift set to the doorstep of your niece’s new home. Express gratitude (and provide them 10 minutes of peace) to your child’s favorite teacher. Or, for a wonderful way to wind down at the end of a long workday, send a tea gift set to your rock-star employee, co-worker or boss today!