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Birthday Balloon Delivery

Nothing says "Happy Birthday!" like a festive balloon delivery accompanied by an adorable teddy bear or box of chocolates. FTD's timeless birthday balloon gift baskets will bring a smile to your loved one's face with a unique surprise they'll always remember. When paired with a gorgeous arrangement of flowers, a balloon bouquet delivery is the perfect way to wish someone the best on their special day.

Birthday Balloon Delivery FAQs

Can I Get Inflated Balloons Delivered?

Of course! We offer quick and convenient delivery options for all of our birthday balloon gift baskets and floral arrangements. Since our local florists prepare your order, you can rest easy knowing your birthday balloons will be delivered on time, freshly inflated with fresh-cut flowers and hand-selected gourmet treats. You can even schedule your birthday balloon delivery several weeks in advance!

Why Do Birthday Balloons Make the Best Gift?

Birthday balloons are a classic and timeless way to celebrate someone's special day. Their novelty, fun shape, and festive colors bring joy and excitement to all ages, whether it's for a child's birthday party or a funny surprise at the office. Balloons have a variety of fun uses, too! Surprise someone with balloons at their desk on their birthday, or make a fun arrangement of balloons and birthday plants as a creative way to celebrate. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to celebrating a birthday with balloons!

How Can I Send Birthday Balloons?

You can send birthday balloons to anyone across the country with just a few clicks. Just browse our selection of birthday balloons online until you find the right gift basket for your loved one, enter their zip code, and select from the available delivery options. We make it easy to arrange having balloons delivered to the recipient's home, office, or even an event venue for a surprise party!

How Long Do Birthday Balloons Last?

Foil birthday balloons filled with helium will typically last up to 2-3 weeks depending on temperature conditions and how well their seal is maintained. They will be at their fullest and float the best within the first week, so you want to get them before they've been sitting on a shelf for several days. All of our balloons are filled to order shortly before delivery, so the recipient can enjoy their surprise for as long as possible!

What Can I Pair With Birthday Balloons?

Balloons are best paired with other birthday treats like flowers, chocolates, and cookies! Luckily, we offer birthday balloon delivery options that come with a variety of fun surprises, from an arrangement of festive flowers to huggable teddy bears, mouth-watering brownies, and gourmet candies! Check out some of our birthday best sellers to find the ideal pairing for your birthday boy or girl! With a rainbow of colors to choose from, our birthday bouquets are sure to please.

Who Should I Give Birthday Balloons To?

You can give birthday balloons to anyone special in your life! Whether it's a parent, your best friend, or even a new acquaintance, having balloons delivered on their birthday is sure to bring a smile to their face. Depending on who you're sending balloons to, consider throwing in some extra celebratory goodies!

You can send balloons with her favorite birthday flowers for mom, or even with a selection of birth-month flowers for a friend on their special day. Delicious birthday gift baskets filled with chocolates, candies, fresh fruits, and fancy cheeses are also a delicious addition to any flower or balloon delivery.

Can I Order Birthday Balloons Online?

Whether you're looking for some colorful Happy Birthday balloons to go with a flower arrangement or you want to send a gift basket loaded with B-day treats, we have plenty of online options to choose from. Be sure to check our seasonal flower selections as well if you know the recipient's specific birth month flower.

FTD makes picking out balloon gift baskets for birthdays fun and easy. And don't worry - if you've waited until the last minute, we also offer same-day birthday delivery so you never miss the chance to celebrate!