Tulips & Tulip Bouquets

Nothing says Spring like a colorful assortment of tulip flower bouquets delivered straight to the door of a friend or loved one. If their favorite flower is the tulip, make sure you send them a tulip bouquet delivery from the experts at FTD.

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Same Day Tulips Delivery with FTD

Shop All Flowers to see what FTD offers for bouquets and other gifts. Along with tulips for delivery on the same day or next day (or on any scheduled date and time you choose), find just the right blooms for your intended recipient.

Tulip Flowers FAQs

If you’re looking for tulip bouquets online, you can’t go wrong when shopping with FTD. Thanks to our large network of local florists around the country, you can get tulip delivery anywhere, even with same day shipping. Find out more about tulips below!

What Does a Tulip Flower Symbolize?

Just like roses, tulip flowers symbolize different things depending on their color. In general, these pretty blooms represent everlasting love and can be found in fables dating back to the 16th century. Because tulips are one of the first flowers to blossom in the spring season, they’re also often associated with rebirth — perhaps one reason they’ve become a staple of Easter decor. Traditionally, purple tulips symbolize wealth, white symbolize forgiveness, and pink symbolize confidence. However, any color tulip flower would make a great gift for Easter, anniversaries, birthdays, or just because flowers!

How Much Do Tulips Cost?

Believe it or not, tulips used to be incredibly valuable and could cost more than a house! That was the case during the “Tulip Mania” in Holland during the 17th century. The tulip, with its intensely colored petals, was new to Europe at that time. Demand was intense, and “tulip futures” caused the price to skyrocket. While the tulip market eventually crashed, appreciation for these beautiful flowers remained strong.

While prices have gone down quite a bit since then, they’re still an in-demand blossom that many people love to have around Easter. At FTD, our tulip flower bouquets typically range from $30 to $65, and you can rest assured that you’re getting top-quality blooms every time. With our easy online plant delivery service, you can have a tulip flower arrangement delivered right to your door with guaranteed amazing quality!

What Does It Mean When Someone Gives You Tulips?

Tulips are the perfect choice for any spring occasion. There is a universality to these lovely blooms, so the meaning of a tulip delivery depends on the giver and recipient. Tulips make a great bouquet for those born in April, May or June for a birthday flowers delivery.

Even on sad occasions, tulips are a suitable flower delivery. For instance, if someone dies, tulips sent to the home are an appropriate sympathy flowers delivery. Under these circumstances, white tulips are the standard choice. The same holds true for a funeral flowers delivery. Sympathy flowers are sent to the home or office of the deceased’s loved ones while funeral flowers are sent directly to the funeral home.

In short, each tulips delivery conveys a special meaning. You can’t go wrong when you decide to send a tulips bouquet delivery.

What Colors Do Tulip Flowers Come in?

Tulip flowers come in many different colors for you to choose from! Want to order wedding flowers online? Grab bouquets of white tulips to add a romantic touch to your special day! How about cheering up a coworker who just lost a loved one? Our sensational mixed flower bouquets can include tulip flowers and all their favorite blooms as a reminder that you’re always there for them. From pink to blue to yellow to red, there’s a tulip out there that will add a bit of floral flair to any home. Pair your arrangement with orchids or calla lilies to add an elegant and eclectic touch to your tablescape. Order tulip flowers with FTD today!