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Blue Roses

Selecting roses for a bouquet or arrangement is one of the most classic floral choices to be made for nearly every occasion. But what if you could choose roses that are unlike anything you have ever seen because they do not exist in nature? Roses are red, but at FTD they can also be blue! Blue roses offer the classic elegance that are the signature of the rose with a more heightened level of unique beauty and intrigue.

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Blue Rose Bouquets

Rose bouquets are the ultimate symbol of love and passion. Since blue roses do not exist in nature, they are often used to symbolized love that is unattainable or like nothing found on Earth. Sending a blue rose bouquet is a unique way to convey a message of love to that special someone on Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or any other special occasion. Choosing a blue rose bouquet from our array of online selections is a memorable way to let someone know that your love is like no other.

Blue Rose Arrangements

Blue roses arrangements are the bests way to incorporate the world’s most definitive flower to fit into any color scheme, for any occasion. When true elegance and style is what your arrangement needs, nothing compares to a rose. Now with blue rose arrangements, the sky is the limit when it comes to incorporating blue roses into your color scheme. Blue roses are attained by dying white roses blue. Unlike natural floral hues that cannot be manipulated, blue dyed roses are able to be more customized to achieve the shade and depth of color you need for your arrangement.  Search through the selection of blue dyed rose arrangements online to see which arrangement and color tones are right for your event.

Blue Roses Delivered

You won’t find blue roses at the garden center or anywhere else in nature, so have your blue roses delivered directly to you or anywhere you want them by shopping online at FTD. Simply choose the blue rose bouquet or blue rose arrangement, select a delivery location and date, and FTD will have your blue roses delivered looking fresh and beautiful.