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Gladiolus Bouquets

Gladiolus make great additions to any bouquet with its sword-like flower spikes that create a tall spire of blooms. Symbolizing strength, there’s a reason gladiolus bouquets have been a popular flower of choice for all occasions.

Gladiolus FAQs

Do gladiolus bulbs have to be dug up?

Gladiolus bulbs, also called corms, have to be dug up every winter and stored until spring in order for them to grow the following year. If you have a cutting garden, gladiolus make a great addition, as they create a luscious backdrop with their tall flower stalks. When you plant the corms, arrange them in rows so you can easily tend to them and cut them when they begin to blossom. With its vibrant flowers, gladiolus will turn any ordinary bouquet into an attention-grabbing centerpiece.

What do I do with gladiolus after they have flowered?

Once your gladiolus have flowered, it’s time to cut them to create one-of-a-kind mixed flower arrangements. When cutting gladiolus, use a sharp knife or scissors and cut on an angle in the early morning or late at night. Bring a bucket of lukewarm water to place your gladiolus in, and make sure you keep at least four leaves on the stalk. Then, store them in a cool, dark place for a few hours before arranging them in a vase. With gladiolus, you can create a soft hued hydrangea bouquet, or a vibrant daisy and carnation bouquet—the options are limitless! 

Are gladiolus annuals or perennials?

Gladiolus are special in that they can be grown as annuals and perennials. The impressive form of gladiolus blossoms can be grown year after year if harvested correctly. While they’re typically perennials, if you harvest the corms and store them properly, you can regrow your gladiolus the following year. That’s why, when you shop with us at FTD, you can expect to receive the best flower delivery on any stunning gladiolus flower bouquet. With gladiolus flower delivery, rest assured knowing you’ll put a smile on any recipient’s face when you send flowers like these. You can even deliver daisies, roses, carnations, and more when you shop through our expansive collection of flower arrangements.