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Baby Boy Flowers

Send baby boy flowers today to celebrate the joy and beauty of this special occasion. Because a day like this only happens once in a lifetime, you’ll want to choose a florist you trust to deliver your adorable baby boy bouquet to the special mother and baby in your life.

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Where Should You Send Your Flowers?

Getting your baby boy flowers delivered to the right place at the perfect time requires a bit of planning. Sending the flowers to your home and hand-delivering them the first time you meet the newborn is always a lovely and appreciated touch. If you want to get your flowers to the new mother sooner you can arrange to have them sent to her bed at the hospital - but just be aware that new births don’t tend to stay at the hospital for long. You’ll also want to be sure to call ahead and check that flowers are allowed on her ward. Once you get the green light, you’ll need to get the hospital’s address, the ward and mom’s bed number to ensure your blooms are sent to the right room. If this sounds a little too difficult you can always send your baby boy celebration arrangement straight to the new mommy’s home.

Baby Boy Blooms

Traditionally baby boy flower arrangements use blue flowers in various shades, but in today’s world you can be a bit more creative. Surrounding blue flowers with white and greens (as seen in our Clear Skies Bouquet) really warms up any arrangement. Yellow flowers like sunflowers or yellow roses are a cheerful alternative to classic blue blooms and are also the color of gender neutralism.

Add Some Special Extras for that Baby Boy

When purchasing your baby boy flowers online with FTD, you’ll also find an array of super sweet extras to make mom’s day even more special. Consider sending some delicious and  comforting chocolate chip cookies or go all out on an arrival kit filled to the brim with baby toys. Give the new mom in your life one less thing to worry about by sending your baby boy flowers with a vase included. Remember, the hospital won’t have one for her and things might be just a little bit hectic when her new bundle of joy finally arrives home.