Classy Halloween Plant Decor Ideas + Printable Pumpkin Carving Stencils

halloween candle and pumpkin decoration

Warm sweaters, pumpkin spice everything, colorful leaves tumbling to the ground — fall is easily the coziest time of the year. And let us not forget about Halloween, the day that rings in a series of holidays we celebrate during the colder months! While we love kids roaming the streets for candy in their cute costumes, tombstones, spiders and bloody teeth don’t really scream classy or chic. If you love Halloween but don’t feel like messing with your design style, look no further. We curated Halloween plant decor that accentuates your style instead of ruining it! 

Whether it’s adding a mystical Halloween centerpiece to your dinner table, a gorgeous autumn wreath to your front door or dried flowers to your bookshelf, florals can soften your Halloween decor and help you achieve a design you’ll be proud of. Get inspired by our mood boards and check out the printable pumpkin carving stencils we created so you can decorate your home with some classy crafts.

No Tricks Just Treats Dinner Party

Who needs a nighttime walk around the neighborhood when you can have a fancy Halloween dinner in the comfort of your home? Invite your friends and family to a ghoulishly delightful dinner party and create a spooky yet sophisticated tablescape with some inspiration from our mood board below. 

Besides pumpkins and candlesticks, you can never go wrong with a seasonal bouquet of flowers on the table. Fall flowers that’ll look great with your Halloween tablescape are asters, violas or dianthus. Pick colors that complement your furniture and other decor for a cohesive finish. 

halloween mood board to inspire classy table scapes

Sugar and Charm

If you’d like to get crafty, we suggest this DIY succulent pumpkin for a centerpiece that’ll wow your guests and get everyone in the Halloween spirit! These seasonal succulent planters will last you through Thanksgiving and also make for a cute gift for anyone who’s birthday falls between October and November.

Welcome to My Boo-tiful Abode

Opt for seasonal yet spooky front porch decor for Halloween this year that won’t scare kids away but still set the mood. Mums the word this time of year and red, orange or yellow chrysanthemums will brighten up the steps to your house and front yard. The earthy and herby smell of these flowers will make you want to sip your morning coffee or tea outside long before All Hallows’ Eve and they’ll still be in style a month later, as the chrysanthemum is the official birth flower of November.

You can decorate your front porch with plenty of mums and pumpkins but for a more unique design, incorporating a few straw bales or corn stalks can do the trick.

Don’t think you need an entire front porch to get people passing by to wish they lived in your home? A gorgeous fall wreath and a few carved pumpkins can turn any front door into a haunting yet inviting space. 

green halloween moodboard

A Homemade Living

A stack of pumpkins already makes for a pretty focal point on your front porch but if the cold season makes you eager to craft, you can add a unique and chic touch to your home with a pumpkin that has your family initial or house number carved into it. Use our stencil to add a pretty pattern around it and light up the dark with your masterpiece.

download pumpkin carving stencil

Add Some Spook to Your Shelf

Typical Halloween colors may be a bright orange and purple or a midnight black but these colors don’t always compliment a sophisticated interior. If you’d still like to add a little spook to your home, you can do so by picking decorative items within a more neutral color palette. Decorate your home with subtle elements like black candles, white pumpkins or a gold-covered skull used as a bookend. These delicate touches will transform your space in a tasteful way.

A stuffed (fake) raven will look beautifully on a coffee table or bookshelf and give off an eerie vibe without distracting from the everyday design style you’ve created to feel comfortable in your home

purple halloween moodboard

Sanctuary Home Decor

Below is another pretty pumpkin stencil for your home! Whether you carve the design into your pumpkin or trace and paint them onto the winter squash, you’ll send a clear message to anyone looking for a scare. If the “Boo” is not enough, maybe write a poem or a Halloween quote on your pumpkin that’ll keep the evil spirits away. download pumpkin carving stencil

However you like to decorate for Halloween, remember that plants and flowers can soften your design and add a touch of liveliness to this cold and dreadful season. Whether you assemble dried flowers and tree branches to a beautiful centerpiece or spruce up your kitchen counter with a bouquet of fall flowers, they’ll help you feel more cozy and less spooked out!